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Edgewood Campus
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Preschool-8th Grade
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Edgewood Campus Newsletter
March 5 -  9

Spirit Week 1
Spirit Week 2
Spirit Week
Thank you for participating and making spirit week fun!
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News & Announcements News 


Edgewood Campus Parent Association Meeting

Monday, March 12th

Allison Hall, Room 110

at 8:30 am


Special Guests: Mr. Rob Chandler, CEO & Jamie Gonce, Director of Summer Programs


Congratulations Diamond for Mom 2012

Congratulations Lauren L for winning the 2012 "Why Mom Deserves a Diamond" contest. Selected from the thousands of poems from Orange County, Lauren won her mother a quarter carat diamond for her submission in the 6th-12th grade category. On Saturday, February 25th, The Gallery of Diamonds held a ceremony for the participants, mothers and teachers, where the two winners read their 22-word poem out-loud.

Lauren's Poem
Blossoms envy her lovely face,
with features delicate as lace,
stars imitate her radiant eyes,
but nothing matches her heart in size.


2nd Grade & Fractions2nd grade fractions 12nd grade fractions 2

Mrs. Kaneski's second graders using math manipulatives(fraction strips) to reduce fractions to their simplest form. Hard stuff! But not for these students!


Bullying Workshops

Edgewood's Character Counts program is designed to help students learn good character skills that will help them be positive contributors to our society. We want to help our students learn how to interact in appropriate ways with each other. As a part of this program, we are going to host Mr. Mike Dreiblatt, author of  "How to Stop Bullying and Social Aggression" and national speaker, to talk about bullying with our K to 8th grade students. On March 13th, Mr. Dreiblatt will be meeting with students to talk about bullying. He will also do training with the staff after school and will meet with parents in the evening. We believe this program will be beneficial to all our students and help us learn how to build positive character here on our campus. 


Workshop schedule:

Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade at 12:50-1:20 pm

6th thru 8th Grade at 1:25-2:25 pm

3rd thru 5th Grade at 2:30-3:30 pm

Faculty & Staff at 4:00-5:00 pm

Parents at 7:00-8:30 pm - Click Here to RSVP 


Save Your BOX TOPS - Box Tops DueTwo More Dates!

How to earn cash for our school:

Clip Box Tops - Find Box Tops on hundreds of products. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents to our school.

Send Box Tops to School - Turn in your Box Tops. Our school will collect the Box Tops and send them to the Box Tops for Education.

Our School Earns Cash - Twice a year, Box Tops will send our school a check worth 10 cents for each Box Top redeemed, up to $20,000.

Collections Dates:

Thursday, March 29th

Friday, May 25th


Peer to Peer Days at Fairmont Prep 
On Friday, March 16th, our 7th grade students will visit Fairmont Prep for Peer to Peer Day. Our students will get a taste of the high school life as they sit in on a class and enjoy themed "Around the World Days" activities. Here is the schedule for the day: 


10 am: Departure from Edgewood to Prep                                            
10:53 am-12:24 pm: Around the World Days Performances and Lunch 
12:28 pm-1:08 pm: Class (Debate or Theater Art)
1:10 pm: Departure from Prep to Edgewood  


Please be sure your student's permission slip has been signed and returned to make sure he or she can attend Peer to Peer Day.

Chalk Talk: How to Parent Your Kids (Without Losing Your Mind)
Tuesday April 3, 2012, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Fairmont Edgewood Campus

If you've ever dreamed of being a better parent or educator, this is the event for you! Learn how to make the most of your parent/child/school relationship from acclaimed speaker, Scott Peebles, M.A., MFCC, H.B. Scott was one of the youngest licensed Marriage, Family & Child Counselors in California, and he has been deemed one of the most exciting and entertaining parenting speakers in the country. Scott calls his method "Slightly Off the Wall Parenting." We think you'll call it amazing! All Fairmont parents, faculty and friends are welcome!


March Lunch Menus 


1st-8th Grade 


We did it! We have reached our goal. The Edgewood Campus is now 50% re-enrolled. To celebrate, we invite you to have lunch on us! All parents and students are invited to our hot dog lunch!
Re-Enrollment Celebration Hot Dog Lunch
Edgewood Campus
Thursday, March 15th
11:00 to 2:00 pm 
The lunch schedule is as follows:
Preschool 11:00-11:20
JK - Kliss 11:10-11:50
JK - Rose 11:20-12:00
K - Anderson 11:30-12:10
K -  Martinez 11:40-12:20
1st - Fraser/Montague 11:50-12:30
1st - Medoff 12:00-12:40
7th & 8th 12:08-12:50
2nd - Kaneski 12:15-12:55
2nd - Escutia 12:25-1:05
3rd - Lottes 12:35-1:15
3rd - Howe 12:45-1:25
6th 12:53-1:35
4th - del Carmen 1:00-1:40
5th - White 1:05-1:45
5th - Williamson 1:10-1:50
While enjoying your delicious hot dog, we will be drawing names for the Parking Spaces. If your name is called, you will have a parking space for one month of the next school year.  


Scoreboard Scoreboard
FPS Edgewood Eagle Mascot  

JH Soccer Results

JH Soccer defeated Carden Academy 


Upcoming Games: 

Monday, March 12th

DSL Soccer vs. Mission Hills (team A) 3:15 pm


Tuesday, March 13th

JH Soccer vs. Carden Hall 2:45 pm


Thursday, March 15th

JH Soccer vs. TVT 2:30 pm


Monday, March 19th

DSL Soccer @ McDowell 3:15 pm


Tuesday, March 20th

JH Soccer vs. Pegasus 2:30 pm


Wednesday, March 21st

DSL Soccer vs. Heritage Oak 3:15 pm


Thursday, March 22nd

JH Soccer vs. Heritage Oak 2:30 pm


Monday, March 26th

DSL Soccer vs. Anaheim Hills 3:15 pm


Tuesday, March 27th

JH Soccer vs. Mable (boys only) 3:30 pm

DSL Soccer vs. Mable (co-ed) 4:30 pm

Please check our Campus Calendar for all game dates, times, and locations. 


Dates to Know Date 

Dates to Know Icon       


Friday, March 9th

2nd Trimester Ends


Monday, March 12th

Edgewood Campus Parent Association Meeting at 8:30 am


Tuesday, March 13th

Bullying Workshops

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade at 12:50 pm

6th - 8th Grade at 1:25 pm

3rd - 5th Grade at 2:30 pm

Faculty at 4:00 pm

Parents at 7:00 pm

Click Here to RSVP 


Wednesday, March 14th

Spring Pictures from 8:00 -12:00 pm


Thursday, March 15th

50% Re-Enrollment Hot Dog Lunch Celebration

Fairmont Private School Preview 10-11 am


Friday, March 16th

Report Cards go home

2nd Grade to Aquarium of the Pacific

7th Grade to Peer to Peer Day at the Prep


Monday, March 19th

Junior Kindergarten to Pretend City


Tuesday, March 20th

3rd Grade Show 10:30 am & 12:00 pm


Wednesday, March 21st

7th Grade to the Museum of Tolerance


Friday, March 23rd

3rd Grade to Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center


Tuesday, April 3rd

Parenting Seminar from 7-8:30 pm

Click Here to RSVP 


Friday, April 6th

Shortened Day - Early Dismissal

80% Re-Enrollment Carnival Celebration