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March 11, 2010 Issue 8

CEO Unveiling the Tata NanoThe Tata Nano, the world's most affordable car and an automotive ground-breaker on the order of the Model T and the Volkswagen, made its U.S. debut in January under the auspices of Tata Technologies. The Novi, Michigan offices of this automotive engineering company, headquartered in Singapore with more than 4,000 employees in India, the U.S. and Europe, unveiled the Nano to overwhelming media attention at the Detroit Science Center on January 14, following a weeklong journey from Denver, in its own specially decked out trailer. The Nano was featured at "Better Innovation," a special event for Tata Technologies clients, highlighting the company's innovation capabilities.

CEO and COO Seated in Tata NanoPatrick McGoldrick, Tata Technologies CEO and Managing Director and Warren Harris, Tata Technologies President and COO, were on hand to emphasize the role played by Tata Technologies in developing the numerous innovations that were necessary to create the Nano. All previous suppositions and preconceptions about how automobiles are designed had to be set aside in order to create the leap of imagination that resulted in the Nano.


Tata Nano on DisplayThe Nano on display in Detroit came straight from an Indian dealership, and is the model presently for sale in India. The Nano is not currently available outside of India. Tata Chairman Ratan Tata has said that a U.S. version of the Nano - compliant with all US requirements - is in the design stage and should be available to American buyers in roughly three years.  Nevertheless, journalists and auto specialists crowded around the Nano at the Detroit Science Center, remarking on its sleek appearance and showing particular interest in the roominess of both the front and back seats, remarkable considering the compact nature of the car. The vehicle could not be driven, since it has been allowed in the U.S. under a waiver of American emission and safety standards, but the films and technical information accompanying the exhibition made it clear that this is a fully capable, completely reliable automobile with considerable power and pep.


More information about the Tata Nano is available at www.tatanano.com

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