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 May 4, 2011
Sue Hays BarrDear  :
Creativity and innovation are key elements to propel your business to the top. Innovative new products or services bring in:
  • more customers and
  • more money

At some point, we need to do something different to entice:

  • our current customers to buy more and
  • new customers to give us a try.

Innovation comes from within. If your company wants to benefit from innovation, here are 5 steps you can follow to build a culture that fosters innovation.

1. Offer a business climate that's open to creativity and innovation
Accept that every problem has a solution, although that solution may not be apparent to you right now. Even though you're the boss, you're not expected to know all the answers. However, you are exptected to find your best solution. Using the expertise of your team makes business sense.

2. Become the #1 choice of your current customers or clients

Your loyal customers are your best source of business. They are already your supporters. It doesn't cost you very much money to get repeat business from them because they already believe in you.


Your responsibility here is to keep in touch with your loyal customers to understand their needs and how you can help them. If you don't already have a plan for this or you need to revamp your plan, I would like to help you.

3. Build partnerships with your clients

The reason you've succeeded in bulding your pool of loyal customers is you've been a problem solver for them. They know they can rely on you. You have given them value and they appreciate it.  Strengthen this partnership at every opportunity and have a plan for how you structure that partnership with new clients.

4. Develop a partnership with your employees

Your employees fill several key roles for you, and one of them is internal customer. They can also be your strongest promoters when it comes to recruiting new business or employees and the source of significant innovation to help you grow your business. If you are not sure where your employees are on the customer loyalty scale, I have a way to help you learn this information.

5. Use "next generation" approaches to managing

If you have always "done it this way," you may be stifling the very innovation and creativity you need to get your business to the next level. If you don't know what needs to be changed or how to go about making changes, I would be glad to help you

Your change can begin today
As an authority on aligning talent with tactics, we work with business owners and professionals to accelerate your business results especially in times when you are facing difficult strategic problems in your market. You deserve all the good things you want, but you have to take control of your situation. That's where we can help.

Don't delay any longer.  

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