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November 9, 2010
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Sue Hays BarrDear  :
Strategies are how you make your money
In today's business world, much more detail goes into your bottom line than ever before. Managing your company's growth through strategies aligned with your vision, mission, values, and related goals will guide you to the bottom line results you desire. You will find that there are many ways to design good business strategies to support you in your profitability.

As we look forward to 2011, now is the time to start thinking about the strategies you believe will move your business forward. Here are some practical exercises you can use to begin your planning for next year.

Unique is what you are - Strategies are how you sell us on your uniqueness
You know exactly why and how you are different from your competition (or you'd better know), and I (your customer) do not. Your job is twofold:
  • To design strategies to convey to me why I should do business with you because you want to sell enough goods or services to support your family and the families of the people who work with you. There's a lot of media noise out there, and you need to communicate your uniqueness to me in a manner that reaches me where I am.
  • To design strategies that harness the talent you and your people bring to your business in order to achieve the bottom line results you've decided you want. A friend of mine describes this as having the right people in the right seats on the bus.


Strategy Development: A How To Guide

The steps to designing the strategies you need to reach me and your other current and potential external customers are:

  • Identify your product or service
  • Describe why it is unique and why I must buy from YOU
  • Determine your target audience, including demographhics 
  • Define the methods you will use to reach us
  • Work through the results you want from each of your methods
  • List how you will achieve the results you want
There you have it. You've got strategies. In case this turns out to be more complex that you anticipated, don't worry. You can always call me at 605-275-6696 or email me at sbarr@thebarrassociates.com.
This strategy is desirable: Being ahead of your competition
Organizations that learn to identify new correlations between what they do and the results they seek can further increase the distance between themselves and their competitors.
Contact me today to lengthen the distance between you and your competition. All you have to gain is distance, share strength and value, and a stronger competitive position. That's an ROI you can live with. 
Don't delay any longer. 2011 is almost here.
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