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September 20, 2010
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Sue Hays BarrDear  :
Your past is your prologue to tomorrow's results
The shift from an industrial age mindset (anyone can do this job) to a knowledge or information age mindset (what you know has value) is resulting in a gap in what we understand about how profitably our business operates and
the true role our internal customers play in our bottom line growth.
The issues faced by most businesses today are deep and complex, and not especially susceptible to quick fixes because of our participation in the knowledge age. It could be said that the vast majority of workplace problems are management problems at some level. "It" (whatever problem you're working on right now) circles around through a maze of human attitudes and behaviors to leave us scratching our heads while wondering where to turn for answers.
Here's the truth: Some people just aren't cut out for the work they do. They hate their jobs, their coworkers, even themselves. Others act like children dressed up as men and women. There will always be some percentage of any work group, including your group, that's difficult or impossible to motivate.
Do you know where these people are in your company?
What is the impact on your bottom line? 5%? 10%? More?
Your solution lies in understanding  (not guessing about) what's really going on within your company. How can you know what's going on in your business? Read on and I'll share with you one tool to help you get a grip on your unique situation.
DIALOG gives you the answers
True life example of how I help

A business contacted me recently. The owner was considering two options: using a practice management firm or continuing to manage the business on his own. As we talked, he conveyed some thoughts that showed me that he appreciated the human capital he had in his internal customers, but he didn't know how well these internal customers understood how important their roles and their interactions with customers were to his bottom line.
DIALOG was the answer, and it could be your answer. This 71-question multiple choice on-line tool is based on the Baldridge Criteria for quality, and it gives you the understanding of how you and your internal customers are doing when measured against the Baldridge Criteria. DIALOG objectively measures 7 critical areas within your organization and generates time-proven results.
Between 1991 and 2000, publicly traded companies that used the Baldridge Criteria saw an increase in stock value of roughly 400% more than the S&P 500's performance.

Our approach is unique in that we measure the interrelationships of the essential elements which become predictors of future strength. For example, we are not concerned with measuring communication for communications sake, but rather how effectively is an organization communicating to its employees. Our approach is outcome focused rather than simply measuring non-relevant activities.

This gap is desirable: The gap between you and your competition
Organizations that learn to identify new correlations between what they do and the results they seek can further increase the gap between themselves and their competitors.
Don't delay any longer.
Contact me today to lengthen the gap between you and your competition. All you have to gain is distance, share strength and value, and a stronger competitive position. That's an ROI you can live with.
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