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August 11, 2010
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Sue Hays BarrDear  :
On Monday evening, I led a discussion on the strategic use of validated assessments with a group of Masters level students here in Sioux Falls.
In addition to being a great group of people, I had the privilege of hearing their comments on their experiences with assessments during their careers. Not all their experiences were good or positive. People are experiencing everything from botched debriefs of the results to old, outdated instruments that can easily be fooled. This is scary because important decisions are being made based on the assessments. 
Even if you do not make - or have not made - the decision to use assessments, I hope you will read deeper into this message and remember my comments. Assessments have tremendous value to you as a person and to the people within your organization. As the economy recovers and our businesses experience the growth we need, assessments are the way to open the window into the true condition of your company and your most valuable asset - your people.
You need the truth.
Some of the older anecdotal (unvalidated, not reliable) assessments can be manipulated by the person completing the assessment in order to hide or mislead. If an individual wants a job or a promotion badly enough, he or she will go to great lengths to get it.
Truth is one of the strongest reasons to use validated assessments. Assessment validation is based on:
  • Neutrality of statements
  • Degree of input (the number of completed assessments the validation is based on; more is better)
  • Degree of individualization (the number of unique combinations possible for the individual results; the higher the number, the higher the degree of individualization)
Technology is really key here. The statistical formulas that run in the background to analyze an individual's assessment and generate the results are not only complex but should be utilizing the collective knowledge of the thousands of other completed assessments. 
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