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March 29, 2010
First Quarter 2010 is moving into the record books

You should be making progress on your goals and action steps based on the timelines you established in your goal planning late in 2009. How have you done so far? Read on to see what Marilyn discovered during her goal planning process.

(You can also see the cumulative results for all responses)

The Dilemma: Too many action steps with the same due date 

Marilyn is an accounting professional in private practice. After two years in business, she reached the point most  professionals and business owners reach every couple of years:
Marilyn was spending too much time working in the business and no time working on the business. She realized she needed help to take her business to the next level, and she contacted me for strategic planning assistance.
We reached the point in the goal setting phase where she put her action steps down on paper under each goal. She had 5 major goal cagetories, and each goal within her major categories fit the SMART goal requirements. She had her action steps all planned out with the date when the action step would be complete.
The problem was that about 40% of her action steps for all her goals were scheduled for completion on the same day.
That wasn't feasible. Marilyn is one person, she was spread pretty thin as it was, and there wasn't anyone she could delegate any duties to in support of her work on the issues in the action steps. 
Does this sound familiar?
Has this ever happened to you?

It' similar to scheduling yourself to be 2 places at the same time. You just can't do it all.

Here is what Marilyn and I did. We sat down with pen and paper, wrote down the completion date, and then listed all the action steps Marilyn had planned. She evaluated the importance to her of each action step she'd created for that date and selected which ones were her priorities and which ones could be rescheduled for completion at a later date.

Be a Resilient Responder today prepared for tomorrow

Marilyn has proceeded to successfully complete many of her action steps. She has adjusted the focus of her practice (one of her priority goals - she knew she didn't want to do taxes) and she has achieved an additional certification beyond CPA that is building her income substantially (one of her other priority goals). In addition, she has partnered with another local firm to work on special projects in an area of specialization that is of high interest to her (forensic accounting).
The result: Marilyn is more satisfied with the quality of her life and the direction her practice is taking.
As Marilyn discovered, concentrating on the action steps (the small steps) makes it possible to complete the goals (the big steps). Take the time now to analyze and prioritize your action steps so you can concentrate on your action steps to achieve your goals for 2010 by the time we get to December 31. What seems like a roadblock may be an opportunity in disguise.
If you want help, give me a call or drop me an e-mail. You can do this successfully and change your life as you desire.


25% of 2010 is gone. Don't delay any longer. Contact me today to create tomorrow's results.


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