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January 2010
Accountability = $$$$ 
Think of all the New Year's resolutions you've made in your life-and not achieved.

While this is a rather simple example, there are many instances when we intend to accomplish something but for one reason or another, we don't.

So here's a question for you:
What does it cost you in hard dollars to fail to achieve your goal? These missed dollars are the price that is paid for accountability-or lack thereof.

What would you have gained, be it money, time, influence, position, what ever is important to you had you  or someone in your organization been held accountable for achieving that result?
Accountability versus Responsibility
Accountability is a function of tracking and measurement. Once everyone in the organization has clearly written goals and action steps, there is little doubt as to WHO does WHAT by WHEN. Tracking and measurement are part and parcel of the process. Simultaneously, each employee can monitor himself against the completion of his own action steps.
Accountability, therefore, becomes the obligation to bear the consequences for failure to perform as expected.
Questions to establish accountability
Is making this commitment important?
How will it be measured?
Who is accountable? 
If Plan A doesn't work, what then?
What do you stand to gain if you've achieve it?
Being accountable often entails stepping out of a comfort zone. It must be preceded by a recognition of the need to act. It must be accompanied by a willingness to act. It proceeds from the alignment of desire, will, and vision.
The rewards for achievement and consequences for non-achievement must be clearly understood from the standpoint of hard dollars. When those dollars are part of your equation, then you know exactly how much it is costing you to not achieve a goal for which you are accountable.
How we help
We help you by including the reward to you for succeeding and helping you identify an accountability partner so you succeed when you use our planning process.
Tools we use:
Our toolbox includes three assessments to help you understand the how, what, and why of behavior (yours or your team's). We integrate your assessment results with a customized approach to your solution. Accountability is a part of the process that helps you achieve the outcomes you want.
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Your reward for success:
you get to the end of your goal period, (Week, month, quarter, year), which will feel better?

  • You've once again failed to meet your goal and you are suffering the consequences

  • You've achieved your goal with the help of your accountability partner and you are enjoying the reward you expected 
I hope it's the second option. Contact me for information on assessments, goal setting, or accountability partners. Act today to live your success sooner. 
Sue Hays-Barr
Barr Associates