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December 2009 
2010 is almost here - Are you ready? 
It's human nature for each of us to always aspire to greater accomplishments in our lives, our businesses, and our professions. While some of what we achieve is a result of our taking advantage of good luck that comes our way, we can achieve more if we plan for what we want to achieve.
You've had some tough questions to answer in your homework, and I hope you've taken the time to be introspective. If things aren't quite right, now is the time to fix them.  
Go for what you want to achieve in 2010!
Put it down on paper. Enter it into a Word document. Whatever works for you.
Start with a list of 1 to 10 things you want to achieve in 2010. These can be business or personal. What's important is that you get it down somewhere so you can refer to it.
Then note 2 or 3 action steps under each thing you want to achieve.
Everything from research to personal experience validates that those who plan for their future are more successful - in their unique personal definition of sucess - than those who just settle for whatever comes their way in life.  
Be the Change Agent
Legendary racecar driver Dale Earnheardt once said, "I've had confidence in myself all along. It was just a matter of getting the pieces back in place."
The economy is recovering nationally. People are changing jobs in our region. Business are starting and expanding.
In this holiday season, I encourage you to get the pieces back in place so you can move forward with the speed of a racecar in 2010! 
Understanding Your Team
Whether you are a professional in private practice, a business owner with employees, or a manager in a larger firm, understanding your thinking style and that of your team is important to your ultimate success. We have scientific tools that can help you including Attribute Index, DISC, and Values. 
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Thank you for your friendship and support in 2009. We wish you the best in 2010, and we would be honored to help you achieve your dreams.
Sue Hays-Barr
Barr Associates