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October 2009

Your Homework from last month: Your 2010 Dream List
Your dream list for 2010 is done, right?
Well, OK. So maybe it's rattling around in your head, but you kind of know what you want in the year ahead.
Put it down on paper.  Make a list. You don't need to categorize it or alphabetize it or do anything fancy with it. It can be any length you want - a few lines or a couple of pages.
Review your non-negotiable core values - personal as well as business or professional.
How do the items on your dream list mesh with your core values?
Any conflicts? If so, you need to spend the time to evaluate and understand where the conflict lies so you can address it, resolve it, and maintain your stability that's so important to your family and your job.

Review your purpose statement for your life and your business or profession
in comparison to what you have on your Dream List
Any conflicts?
Now is the time to realign your values and purpose so you can identify your goals and action steps for 2010.  
Do you need help with this?
Call or e-mail me. I work with businesses and individuals. You owe it to yourself and your future to start 2010 off on the right foot!

Next Month: Pulling it all together
You will understand the purpose for all this analysis when you establish your plan for 2010.
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