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It's not too late to rescue 2010

Now is the time to get ready! 
Step #1: Make sure your 2009 goals are near completion

How have you done this year toward accomplishing the goals you set last year?
Re-evaluate your goals and action steps now to determine:
  • If the goal is already achieved
  • If the goal cannot be achieved - and why it cannot be achieved
  • Schedule it for 2010 if it is still important to you 
Step 2: Make your 2010 dream list

Don't be shy. This list is just for your eyes. Include personal as well as professional dreams that you can turn into goals with action steps in the weeks ahead.
Large organization, small organization, employee and not the owner - it doeesn't matter. You have dreams for your life, and your work is a part of your life.
Step 3: Categorize your dream list

Use these categories as you place each dream in its proper perspective:
Organizational Categories:
Organizational Results
Departmental Results
Personal Categories:
Ethics & Beliefs
Hint: You should have something in each category

If you run into a brick wall trying to come up with a goal in a specific category or if you're ready for more help, contact me. I'd love to help you clarify what you want and then become the person you need to be to get it! 
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DISC answers the question of HOW a person behaves.
Based on the work of Dr. William Marston, the DISC Index is used by individuals and organizations to understand:
  • Why a person is behaving that way
  • How a person likes to get things done (goal setting)
  • Aligning a role with a person's natural talents
  • Placing a person in an ideal, existing role
  • Performance on the job

This offer is open to individuals, teams, and groups. One-on-one confidential debrief is included in the special price. Call me at 275-6696 or email me at sbarr@thebarrassociates.com for more info or to sign up.

You can never know too much about yourself
or the people you work with!

Offer Expires: September 30, 2009