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 Your attitude leads to the balance in your life.

August 2009:

As the kids head back to school and the summer winds down, make time for an introspective look at the balance in your life.

How is 2009 going for you?

Have you accomplished everything you set out to do this year, or have events and circumstances tossed you around like a small boat in a hurricane?
We are in the midst of some very interesting times that carry with them chaos and uncertainty. The key to successfully navigating change is determining the focus of your attitude.
The choice of your attitude is yours to make. 
Your attitude plays a role in everything that you do from your interaction with our global community to your business and the people who surround you daily - your peers, clients, friends, family, and community members.
One of a leader's most important jobs is to set a positive and self-confident tone, to show the attitude that failure is not an option. A positive attitude is the cornerstone of leadership. It's the same confidence that a quarterback, a golfer, or a gymnast projects every time they come out of the locker room.
Here are 10 questions that - if answered honestly - will help you understand whether your actions reflect an attitude of a highly successful individual or if your actions represent the doom and gloom of your neighborhood pessimist or an unsuccessful business person.
Take a moment to address each question with one of the following:
No, I do not do this
Sometimes I do
Sometimes I don't
Yes, I do this consistently
1.  I take full responsibility for how my day turns out.
2.  I am confident that I can succeed at whatever I do as long as I simply take the right actions.
3.  I spend time visualizing tremendously rewarding success instead of picturing failure.
4.  I maintain a positive expectation of every action that I take.
5.  I look for the best in every situation and the opportunity in every problem.
6.  I focus more of my time on seeking solutions rather than staying absorbed in the problem.
7.  I see myself as someone who is capable, enthusiastic, and committed.
8.  I speak in a powerful, positive, and uplifting manner.
9.  I persist with passion until I succeed at whatever I do.
10.I embrace change and love to learn and grow from new ideas and experiences.
If you answered yes to every one of the 10 statements, then congratulations, you are a highly successful person who exhibits a positive attitude and success. However, if you had to answer just one question with sometimes or no, then you have room to grow, work, and develop. I want to help you with your development of a positive attitude to help you reach the success that you envision. Contact me now. 

Change is here to stay. The things that are changing around us today will be fixed, repaired, modified, and replaced by other changes in the future. By taking control of your attitude towards change, you may reduce the stress in your life and be a happier person.
What are you waiting for?
Your solution is within you!
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