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December 2010
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Joy to the world - And to you!

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.       Willy Wonka

Dear (Contact First Name),    

(Please insert melody and sing! ...) 
Happy Holidays! Happy Hol-i-daze. 
All the merry bells are ringing,  
Happy Holidays ... to You!

Yes,  Happy Holidays! 

Whether your tradition is Native American, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi, Atheist, Agnostic, Pagan . . .  if you live in North America or many other places in the world -- it's "Christmas" time.


But talk about mixed messages. It's the season of Santa Claus generosity, Light in the Darkness, Good Will and Peace on Earth. But at every turn, ads try to sell you "relief" from the season and people use words like frenzy, booked, "too busy" and yes, "stressed" to describe their experience.


A universal part of the Christmas season is Music!  I highly recommend this as an elixir.  The holidays are full of music!  Live performances by sundry choirs, chamber orchestras, symphonies, soloists.  There are choirs on PBS and special music shows ---     I went to a Renaissance Choir the other night - Canto Deo, in a beautifully acoustic cathedral and was deliciously transported to the 15th century of pure voices; a capella melodies. And for parents and  families, there is nothing like your little one's Christmas recital; watching free-spirited 4-year olds rocking and rolling, singing delightful songs at the top of their lungs!  But, something happens, and free-singing 4-year-olds turn into silenced adults.


This November, my birthday month, I was struck by how many people during their birthday wishes remarked that they'd sing but..."I can't sing" or "you would be sorry if I sang!"  I replied, "Hey, go ahead, I'd love it!"  Not one of them sang, but just kept with their commitment that excusing themselves was the best way to go. 


I realize more every day how music is such a vital part of raising my positive energy.  It literally IS vibration... audible, melodic vibration.  I've been doing experiments with singing while driving to and from work.  "Oh What a Beautiful Morning!" for example.  [If you don't know the words... "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.  I've got a beaufiul feeling, everything's going my way!"  Try singing this song with some vigor and please tell me if it's possible to be in a down mood?!  More importantly, notice how it can LIFT your mood - your literal vibratory field!


I've been experimenting with singing this song when I feel tired, or burdened in some way - and it really changes my mood to an energized, positive one.

Give it (and your favorite "up" song) a try - no one's going to hear you if you're driving alone.  And other drivers? -  well, they are concerned with their driving, their own thoughts, their own music.  On the way home, change it to:

            Oh what a beautiful evening,

            Oh what a beautiful night!

            I've got a beautiful feeling,

            Everything's coming out Right!

C'mon, give it a try.  No one is listening!  You won't?  So who's judging?  You?  Yes, you.


This is a big deal.  The silencing of so many people who want to sing and would really enjoy it... but someone, somehow, some time ago told them "don't sing" or "you can just lip sing!" or "please do not sing!"  They got the message loud and clear that they weren't good enough and to just stop.  I guess it happened to my sister Brenda as all 4 of us girls would sing 4-part harmonies riding to Aunt Rhoda's house.  She told us as an adult that someone asked her not to sing!  And I can't count the hundreds of times that I've heard this from clients. - clients who want the joy and healing of singing in their lives.

Fear or love?

Laura Hershey, 48, writer, poet, activist for the disabled, died just this November 26th.  She was born with some form of muscular dystrophy and lived in a wheelchair.  One of her most famous works is a poem titled "You Get Proud By Practicing."


            Remember, you weren't the one

            Who made you ashamed,

            But you are the one

            Who can make you proud.

            Just practice.

            Practice until you get proud,

            And once you are proud,

            Keep practicing so you won't forget.


We do things only two ways - through fear or through love.


I've been thinking about this a lot lately.  I know when I'm doing things out of love.  It really feels expansive; feels good in my heart.  It feels "clean" and "shiny" - an expression I en- JOY.

I venture the thought that doing things out of fear feels - well, not so good.  I also wonder if we do so much more out of fear than we're aware of. 


Laura Hershey's poem speaks to this idea. Laura knew that love was the only way. 


All those who want to sing but are too afraid - still harboring the messages that they are not good enough- they deserve to know the power of music coming from their own voice. One person told me, "Well, I'm not a trained singer" as a reason to not sing "Happy Birthday."  Gosh, all this fear.  Criticism still left inside.  Fear to break out into song.  Fear that it won't be good enough. 


There is power and love in participating in music, in "erasing and replacing" the blocks of somebody saying that you "couldn't/shouldn't" sing or play music. I want to challenge everyone to:

  • Sing a happy song out LOUD in your car on the way to work and back home
  • Join in on sing-a-longs, even if everyone, including you, is a "terrible" singer! 
  • Have fun with music - like having fun playing cards even when you don't know how!  Sing to celebrate.  Like those 4-year-olds, sing with pride and joy, even if you can't carry a tune!  Have a giggle!

Christmas is about celebration!  We're not very good at celebrating out of fear.  We celebrate out of love.  And that, really, is what Christmas season is all about - love for ourselves, love for all others - Compassion and Peace for this world that so needs our love and joy!


It doesn't matter what we do until we accept ourselves.  Once we accept ourselves, it doesn't matter what we do.  - Charly Heavenrich   

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Wishing you the warmest of holidays and . . .
keep on singing!


Bernadette Hunter
Bernadette Hunter
 (303) 300-6733

Bernadette Hunter, MS, LPC,   is a licensed professional counselor and EFT
Performance Specialist  with over two decades of experience.
Bernadette works with athletes, musicians, performing artists, public speakers, and individuals.

 She is the founder of
Powerful Performance.
You can reach her at 303-300-6733 or by email at success@powerful-performance.com


"Learn to control your emotions or they will control you."

--Edgar Martinez

"Competition is won or lost on the 6-inch playing field between the ears."
--Gary Mack,
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