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September 2010
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Happy September!

Great to be in touch with you again!

And welcome, EFT practitioners from August's Sunrise Ranch training.  I hope you will find this EFT protocol useful to your own practice!

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The Sunflower Secret for Peak Performance

I recently took a road trip to my homeland of eastern North Dakota / western Minnesota. Miles and miles of lush corn and soybeans - a "bumper crop" as farmers say. And then, BAM! - a huge, vibrant field of bright yellow sunflowers - heads turned toward the sun, showing off their fullness of pure Joy, it felt to me.  

The blooming sunflower heads turn toward the sun throughout the day; something that has always intrigued me about sunflowers.


In creating peak performance, it's really the same process as the sunflowers. We turn our inner (hidden) and outer (known) thoughts and feelings naturally and easily toward a positive power source that's ever-present within us. The EFT process literally shifts the body and mind into a more efficient, higher vibratory system. Behavior and mood shifts, things go well, and Joy is often what people report - with themselves and with their performance.


We can easily learn the secret of the sunflowers. EFT allows the shift from a stuck, cloudy pattern to one of joyful, positive flow. It's a full-sun deal!


Give it a try!  You might just produce your own "Bumper Crop" this year!


Eliminating the Weeds - Increasing Yield


Whether you are an athlete, musician, dancer, public speaker, sales person . . . you will often experience the dark clouds of negative thoughts:  thoughts that bring lack of confidence, fear, anxiety, low motivation, just plain being stuck.


EFT is a natural (no artificial or toxic chemicals!) way to eliminate these nasty weeds that choke out nutrients and reduce your yield - it's a natural fertilizer to enrich each cell of your body with just the right organic chemicals (literally!) (learn more at "Why EFT Works: The Physiology of Success") so you will perform at your optimal yield. It's a bumper crop with EFT! I'm still amazed at the results after all these years.


Examples of "weedy" thoughts shifting to sun-drenched thought:

(for athletes --- or anyone, really)


Athletes (like musicians, speakers, sales professionals, etc.) often come to me feeling in a stuck place with their performance levels.One common theme is a past "failure" - the botched tennis match, the important speech or vocal audition that went south... 

The common blocking belief is, "I failed, I'll fail again."  Often this thought is outside their awareness. Sometimes clients have held onto this belief for decades based on some failure in grade school. It can be cleared with EFT so they can get on with letting their best gifts shine.


Negative unconscious thought - "I can never get over that last loss so I am a complete failure."

                        EFT changes this to:

Positive conscious thought - "I can recover from past losses and be successful in future competitions."


Tapping Protocol: Getting Past Failure

EFT combines the hard science of cellular biology, the ancient practice of acupuncture points/meridian tapping, and the artful use of acceptance and compassion.

This example is based on a tennis player - you can easily substitute your own words of "failure" that fit your situation. We focus first on the negative to clean it out, then later we'll anchor positivity into the cells for a superior next performance!


EFT Tapping Points DiagramIf you're unfamiliar with the EFT tapping points, you can see a diagram to the right. Tap firmly, but not so firmly that it's uncomfortable. As you're tapping, focus on the issue at hand. After a round of tapping, take a deep breath and "let it go"...

This protocol is a great guide for your practice and to get results. You'll find the full protocol at Bernadette's blog. Tap along with the script and see what happens!

If you're new to EFT, or even if you've done it before, it can often be helpful to have a session with a seasoned practitioner to move things along. Give me a call with any questions.  303-300-6733.

Enjoy the gift of EFT. You deserve the Joy of a Powerful Performance!

It's All in Your Mind? 

If I had thought about it, I wouldn't have done the experiment. The literature was full of examples that said you can't do this.

--Spencer Silver, inventor of the Post-It notepad

Upcoming Classes

Weight Loss with EFT for Women

If food controls your life, if you are not free to eat anything you want, then you are forever in a state of conflict and weight gain. This hands-on class can finally give you permanent relief. Learn Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as seen on TLC's I Can Make You Thin. EFT is a powerful, easy-to-learn tool that efficiently eliminates your food cravings and drive toward food when you really need something else. You will learn how and when to use EFT and we will be actually be "tapping" for over 70 percent of the course. You will experience immediate results and take away from the class a precise written roadmap for losing weight using EFT. Bernadette Hunter is a licensed professional counselor and EFT Performance Specialist with over two decades of experience working with compulsive eaters and dieters. Bring to class a package of something you crave and can't stop eating once you start (ex. chocolate, licorice, chips, bread). Learn how you CAN control your cravings and lose weight!

Two sessions, each with two Saturday classes, 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Choose from:

September 18 & 25

Class # 4619H


October 16 & 23

Class # 4619I (that's an "I" as in "eye")

To register, call Colorado Free University at 303-399-0093. Need more information? Email me at success@powerful-performance.com or call 303-300-6733.

I have had compulsive eating issues for my entire adult life ( 51 yrs.old). I took the class 4 months ago, and since that time I have eaten compulsively only one time, and I made that choice. One message which stuck with me was "give all foods equal value". That message combined with the EFT technique has stuck for me. My relationship with food is better than it has ever been in my life.

- Louise Summer, Denver, CO


Bernadette Interview: Sept. 29

Bernadette will be interviewed by Stacey Vornbrock, EFT pioneer, on Blog Talk Radio Sept. 29. Save the date and watch for details coming soon! (You can  also listen to an earlier program with Bernadette about Parkinson's disease.)

Stacey is one of the country's top EFT practitioners, working primarily with athletes. She will interview Bernadette about working with musicians and other performing artists. The session will include a live online tapping protocol. The broadcast is free and will be recorded.

We'll send you a reminder closer to the interview date. Looking forward to sharing with you! 

Don't Miss Out! 

You can get a free 30-minute EFT session and achieve success like this:

  • Mary S., executive assistant with multiple bosses, who lost her 4-times-a-week headaches

  • Jim L., avid golfer and retired professional, who eliminated his golf hook on the 16th hole

  • Sarah K., research scientist, who now gets to sleep (and back to sleep) with a simple EFT technique.

You, too, might be surprised what EFT benefits you can receive in my complimentary session. Give me a call at 303-300-6733 to set one up today. What have you got to lose?

Click here to set up a free, no obligation 30-minute session with me to see how EFT can help you achieve peak performance in your chosen endeavor.
Happy tapping!
Bernadette Hunter
Powerful Performance
Bernadette Hunter
 (303) 300-6733

Bernadette Hunter, MS, LPC,   is a licensed professional counselor and EFT
Performance Specialist  with over two decades of experience.
Bernadette works with athletes, musicians, public speakers, business professionals, and individuals. She also works extensively with people who experience chronic concerns with weight and dieting.

 She is the founder of
Powerful Performance.
You can reach her at 303-300-6733 or by email at success@powerful-performance.com


"Learn to control your emotions or they will control you."

--Edgar Martinez


 See my interview with triathlete Matt Smith on the stunning results of his work with EFT on his performance in The Ironman.

If EFT can get these results for Matt's triathlon success, what might it do for your tennis or golf game?  For your musical
performances?  Your public speaking?  Try it out!  See special offer at end of article for free 30-minute EFT session with Bernadette --
In person or on the phone.

"Competition is won or lost on the 6-inch playing field between the ears."

Gary Mack,
Brain Gym

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