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June 2010
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Even the strongest among us . . . 

I had the pleasure of talking with 64 members of the Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club recently.  What an inspired, motivated, fun group of athletes!  And I've had the distinct pleasure of working individually with 6 of them over the last two weeks.  The interesting common theme for many was their anxiety and insecurity as they compared themselves to another competitor.      

  •   "Susan" ... "I want to be less anxious and not compare myself to others."

"Tina, she'll beat me!  I'm afraid of Pat too!"

  •   "Ruth" ... "I want confidence in my performance - I spend obsessive mental time worrying about Lee - I'm intimidated by her."  (Ruth is a world-class triathlete)
  •  "Sam"..."I want confidence in my performance - I just get really nervous around others."



Our human drive to compare ourselves to others can really be quite debilitating - we always come up short, deficient, "not as good as ...."   This comparison saboteur leaves successful and competitive entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, writers, etc. feeling insecure and literally less able to perform.  Muscles, nerves, thoughts, and spiritual energy systems are pinched, tight, and just not "in the flow." 

Think about it - When have you done the comparison game? Most all, yes, ALL of my clients, will report feeling that someone is better - which is really quite irrelevant to giving your top performance!  The thought does guarantee one thing - an erosion of the very thing you want - being at your personal best!

I catch myself comparing myself to others - it's never comparing myself to someone "less talented, less attractive, less intelligent!"  Oh no, I compare myself to the very top of the heap and then wish I was more like them!  I've learned to recognize when I'm doing this and simply step back and remember who I am. The comparison is a game of sabotage - representing some semblance of momentary insecurity; a fear that just needs a little EFT tapping!

How about you?  Where in your life are you playing the comparison game?  Notice next time exactly how you feel.  Tired?  Down?  Heavy?  Defeated?  Fearful?  Having a hard time practicing?  Comparison "shopping" is only a big winner for The Price is Right!  Otherwise, it's just too steep a price to pay.



The Possibilities are Mind-Boggling 

"The issue isn't if there is a Field of Infinite Possibility -- most of us already intuitively sense that there is -- but rather how we go about tapping into it and remaining there for longer periods of time. And the answer, of course, is that we need to keep letting go of our dramas and inner struggles as we return again and again to the incredible power and stillness of the here and Now. Inside the Now are inner qualities such as intuition, gut hunches, imagination, passion and fun. Outside the Now are both past and future stories fueling the non-stop chatter of a very restless and unhappy egoic mind."


Excerpt from the soon-to-be released, Thoughts of the Day, Book II: Insights for the Athlete's Soul


The Ironman: Testing your mettle is mental 

I did two sessions of EFT with Matt Smith, president of the Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club, before his 2009 Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. As any elite athlete will tell you, when it comes down to it, it's the mental aspects that will take you to your highest levels of success and this was certainly Matt's experience. But the really stunning news is that Matt was able to shave 10 minutes off his time after just one EFT session and ended up finishing third in that race! After the second EFT session, Matt cut over 15 minutes off his Ironman Personal Record and was 13th overall in the world .  Most importantly, he would tell you he had the emotional gas tank to keep going the whole way. You can read about his breakthrough results on my blog. 

Antidote for Comparison Sabotage 

I invite you to try out the following EFT tapping protocol when you find yourself comparing yourself to someone and coming up short.  (or on any situation where you feel yourself attracting the negative.)  Neutralize this  sabotage and shift your energy and performance into high gear. This will be focused for triathletes this month, but you can be equally effective by putting it in the terms that fit for you.


Suggestion: Since this protocol is primarily about comparing oneself as a block to performance, use your own situation and fill in with your own words. Keep it simple - enjoy the results!

EFT Tapping Points DiagramIf you're unfamiliar with the EFT tapping points, you can see a diagram to the right. Tap firmly, but not so firmly that it's uncomfortable. As you're tapping, focus on the issue at hand. After a round of tapping, take a deep breath and "let it go"...

First, note the following:


Feeling / Intensity: Rate your level of (fear or frustration or intimidation) with your problem on a 0-10 scale.  


Sensation / Body Location: What is going on in your body? Where is the sensation? (Examples: tight stomach, shallow breathing, sore jaw, shoulders raised up and tight.)


Start by tapping the karate chop point as you say the following:

Even though I compare myself to (_____) and feel intimidated by her, I deeply and completely accept myself.


Even though I can't stop thinking about her and how huge a presence she is in my mind, I deeply and completely accept myself.


Even though (_____) will probably beat me in the cycling portion, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Eyebrow:      this intimidation feeling

Side of Eye:  this comparison to (___)
Under Eye:    I always come up short
Under Nose:  this intimidation
Chin:            she's powerful, I'm not
Collarbone:   just can't stop thinking about it

Under the Arm:  this intimidation
Top of Head:   I'm just not as strong as she is!

Take a deep breath and "let it go". 


Now, notice the following:


Feeling / Intensity: Rate your current level of (intimidation or whatever your feeling was) with your problem on a 0-10 scale. Is there less?


Sensation / Body Location: Do you notice less of the body sensations? Is your breathing slower? Do you feel more relaxed? Where?

Continue tapping until your negative feeling (intimidation) is down to a zero.


Here are the differences in the second round (and any necessary subsequent rounds to deal with the intimidation itself):


When you tap the karate chop point, the phrase you'll say three times is:

Even though I still have some of this intimidation feeling, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Say the phrase, This intimidation, as you then tap each of the 8 points.

 Now, you may notice new thoughts arising - these are clues to specific aspects about the intimidation. (Examples: she's beaten me every time so far, or, what if I could beat her?) This is the next aspect to tap on. So you start again by rating the intensity of the feeling or thought, notice body sensations and their intensity, and then off we go on another round of tapping to eliminate the next aspect. These rounds take only minutes to do and bring fast results.

Example of next round of tapping:


Even though she's determined and has won before, what if it's different this time?  I deeply and completely accept myself even if it's different this time.


Even though she's fast on the bike, I know I have many advantages over her, and I deeply and completely accept myself for those advantages.


Even though I used to think of her as unbeatable, what if I actually can beat her?  It's possible for me to beat her, and I deeply and completely accept this about myself.

Eyebrow:          What if it's possible for me to beat her?

Side of Eye:      No, that's not possible!
Under Eye:       I can tell it is possible - I can feel that feeling right now
Under Nose:     No, there's no way!
Chin:                 Yes, anything is possible in these races!
Collarbone:       What if I can beat her? - I'd be ecstatic with that!

Under the Arm:  I'll focus on my own race - I'm prepared and strong.
Top of Head:     Yes, I'm prepared and strong - I feel it in my cells.  I'm prepared to win.
Take a deep breath and "let it go".
It's All in Your Mind 

Are we saying that by working on the mind we ignore the body and the mechanics [of the swing] (or whatever the sport requires)?  Of course not. Are we saying we could learn the mechanics a whole lot easier if we learned to relax and chill out? You bet we are. At some point, we come to realize that all change first takes place in the Mind. Nothing can happen in the body that has not been conceived in thought form first.


 Excerpt from Spirit of Golf by Tim Kremer

Take a Test Drive 
Intuition from a seasoned practitioner will often address aspects that the client is not recognizing and speed up the clearing process immensely. In short order, you can discover the various mental and emotional factors that keep the performance issues in place and eliminate them with EFT.
EFT is combining the hard science of cellular biology (see my report, How EFT Works: The Physiology of Success, for the latest research), the ancient practice of acupuncture points/meridian tapping, and the artful use of acceptance and compassion. 
Click here to set up a free, no obligation 30-minute session with me to see how EFT can help you achieve peak performance in your chosen endeavor.
Happy tapping!
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"Learn to control your emotions or they will control you."

--Edgar Martinez


 See my interview with triathlete Matt Smith on the stunning results of his work with EFT on his performance in The Ironman.

If EFT can get these results for Matt's triathlon success, what might it do for your tennis or golf game?  For your musical
performances?  Your public speaking?  Try it out!  See special offer at end of article for free 30-minute EFT session with Bernadette --
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"Competition is won or lost on the 6-inch playing field between the ears."

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