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April 2010
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Happy Spring - the Season of Change!
The Secret Benefits of Changing Your Mind 

Can you begin to get the idea that whatever you worry about long enough is going to become true? That whatever you are anxious about is going to appear? That whatever you are angry and upset about will continue to show up again and again? If you are giving your attention to something - positively or negatively - you are energizing it. And if you are energizing it, the experience is coming your way. Understand that Law of Attraction, the Quantum Field and the Present Moment are all very fair, non-judgmental friends.

                                                Tim Kremer, Spirit of Golf, LLC
I've been accused by friends of changing my mind a lot.  It's true - I do. Many want me to make one decision and then stay with it - no matter what. . .  no matter if I have more information or acquire an additional perspective on the matter.  I always reserve the right to change my mind.  

So my golfer client Sam, with a 5 handicap, comes to me and says, "I never do well on the first three holes of league or tournaments.  It's just always that way."  Well, that's quite a belief - his mind seems to be made up!  It's easy to use EFT to tap on this belief and his diminished performance:  Click here for a tapping protocol that Sam used and can also get you started on the road to enjoying similar success.  (I encourage you to think of the beliefs you have about other arenas in your life and use the protocol in a similar fashion)

As EFT works its magic in the brain and the cell receptor sites, the secret benefits of changing neurons changing your mind become apparent.  The muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia . . . everything relaxes.  Sam plays his league and reports great improvement: he had 2 birdies and a par on the first three holes.  He's pleased!  So am I!  I get great pleasure out of helping others feel the joy of their success.  And, of course, I love those secret benefits of "changing your mind!"

Try changing your mind on any endeavor where you feel yourself attracting the negative.  EFT is a powerful tool for doing so.  Again, Click here for a tapping protocol that can get you started on the road to enjoying greater success.

Happy golfing, selling, winning those tennis tourneys, sleeping soundly and losing weight to give yourself freedom and enjoyment!

"Think of every thought you have as a footprint in the brain. Sooner or later, with enough repeated steps, there is going to be a path and then a rut. The rut will continue to deepen until you begin to become conscious and pay attention to your steps (an awareness of your moment-to-moment thoughts). The good news is, you can teach an old dog new tricks, provided you are willing to take the dog walking down a new path."             
  - Tim Kremer, Spirit of Golf, LLC


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Intuition from a seasoned practitioner will often address aspects that the client is not recognizing and speed up the clearing process immensely. In short order, you can discover the various mental and emotional factors that keep the problem in place and eliminate them with EFT.
EFT is combining the hard science of cellular biology (see my report, How EFT Works: The Physiology of Success, for the latest research), the ancient practice of acupuncture points/meridian tapping, and the artful use of acceptance and thought shifting. 
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