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March 2010
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It's spring! The tulips and crocus are coming up - and golfers are out in full force, preparing for another season of hitting that little ball and telling endless stories of each adventure.
Sometimes, though, we end up utterly frustrated with our performance - and what's meant to be fun and relaxing becomes anything but.
So What Does Compassion Have To Do With Athletic Excellence? 

As a performance specialist helping individuals "Master the Inner Game," I see compassion as one of the primary tools we work with.  My possessing compassion is inherent in assisting any individual to make important shifts in their life. The trick is to help an individual to apply compassion to themselves.  As a professional counselor all these years, I've seen that compassion for oneself is the key ingredient in overcoming frustration, perfectionism, fears, etc. 
Let me tell you about "George," a skilled golfer.  George is retired, early 70's, plays golf nearly every day, and was under the excellent tutelage of a golf teaching pro and golf mental skills performance coach.  George had a "hitch" in his backswing - similar to the yips in putting but his hands shook and "hitched" into a stop at a particular point on the backswing.  He was referred to me by his coaches after George had worked and worked on all the skills of releasing this hitch without success.
George told me, "Bernadette, I'm so frustrated that if I can't solve this, I'm just going to quit golf for good."  This would have been a major travesty, for he adored the competitive nature of golf, the beauty of the game, the camaraderie ... well, if you golf, you know what pleasures go with this exquisite game.
Solving George's Golf Hitch
So how did George and I "solve" this chronic hitch in his golf swing?  You could say we "dis-solved" it with compassion and acupressure point tapping. Our work was not about trying to get the hitch to "go away."  He was already trying way too hard!  And any language about "go away!" is similar to when golfers say, "I'm not going to hit it in the water!"  If you golf, you know exactly where the ball goes - right into the water.
Our work was to incorporate the attitude of acceptance and compassion about this hitch.  The unique feature that I love about EFT is the pairing of the "problem" emotion or thought along with freedom, acceptance... compassion. To be at peace with it - to incorporate into the body that whether the hitch stayed or whether it left, George could easily accept it.  See the EFT protocol below to get a flavor of this kind of EFT, which allows the body to let go of something once there is no push to get it to do one thing or another. 
With self acceptance at a very deep level - with nothing to resist - the body relaxes, the pressure is off psychically and physically. The hitch is just no longer of any use - so it leaves! The happy ending is that George continues to golf - happily and well!
Yes, compassion and athletic excellence go hand in hand.  I see it every day. You can recognize the professional athletes you see on television who possess compassion within themselves. There is nothing "namby pamby" about compassion - it is one of the most powerful attributes we can give others - and give ourselves!  Try some compassion today - for others - and certainly for yourself.  We are wonderfully imperfect - and the acceptance of that has proven to be a key ingredient for powerful performance!
EFT Tapping Protocol
Suggestion: Since this protocol is primarily about frustration as a block to performance, use your own situation and fill in with your own words. Keep it simple - enjoy the results!

EFT Tapping Points Diagram
If you're unfamiliar with the EFT tapping points, you can see a diagram to the right. Tap firmly, but not so firmly that it's uncomfortable. As you're tapping, focus on the issue at hand. After a round of tapping, take a deep breath and "let it go"...

First, note the following:
Feeling / Intensity: Rate your level of frustration with your problem on a 0-10 scale. 
Sensation / Body Location: What is going on in your body? Where is the frustration? (Examples: tight stomach, shallow breathing, sore jaw, shoulders raised up and tight.)
Start by tapping the karate chop point as you say the following three times:

Even though I have this intense frustration about ___________, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Eyebrow:      this frustration
Side of Eye:  this frustration
Under Eye:    this frustration
Under Nose:  this frustration
Chin:            this frustration
Collarbone:   this frustration
Under the Arm:  this frustration
Top of Head:  this frustration

Take a deep breath and let it go. 
Now, notice the following:
Feeling / Intensity: Rate your current level of frustration with your problem on a 0-10 scale. Is there less tension?
Sensation / Body Location: Do you notice less tension? Is your breathing slower? Do you feel more relaxed? Where?

Continue tapping until your frustration is down to a zero.
Here are the differences in the second round (and any necessary subsequent rounds to deal with the frustration itself):
When you tap the karate chop point, the phrase you'll say three times is:
Even though I still have some of this frustration, I deeply and completely accept myself.
And as you tap each point, you'll use the phrase:
this remaining frustration
Now, you may notice new thoughts arising - these are clues to specific aspects about the frustration. (Examples: I'm supposed to be better than this, or, I'm embarrassed.) This is the next aspect to tap on. So you start again by rating the level of embarrassment, notice body sensations and their intensity, and then off we go on another round of tapping to eliminate the embarrassment. These rounds take only minutes to do and bring fast results.


Intuition from a seasoned practitioner will often address aspects that the client is not recognizing and speed up the clearing process immensely. In short order, you can discover the various mental and emotional factors that keep the golf hitch (or whatever your performance issue is) in place and eliminate them with EFT.
EFT is combining the hard science of cellular biology (see my report, How EFT Works: The Physiology of Success, for the latest research), the ancient practice of acupuncture points/meridian tapping, and the artful use of acceptance and compassion. 
Click here to set up a free, no obligation 30-minute session with me to see how EFT can help you achieve peak performance in your chosen endeavor.
Happy tapping!

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To get a flavor of some of my live EFT work, you can listen in on a session working with a young woman with a Mountain Dew (soft drink) addiction. (If the interview doesn't start playing right away, just click the "Play" button in the "blogtalkradio" box to the right of "Episode Notes".)
Australian EFT practitioner, Steve Wells, offers a a superior 4-part series on self-acceptance and compassion with EFT. To access it, please click here. You will find this a most life-changing resource. 
Food For Thought

"Care provides a conduit for our spirit's expression in the midst of our social existence. The more we truly care, the more we'll come to know ourselves and others. Care provides the key to unlocking our potential and making it real."

~ Doc Childre and Howard Martin
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