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November 2011 

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Hello Friend, 

While this November issue may be slim, I hope that your dinner plates and tummies are full and comforted.  This month's full moon brings us frost, beavers, and all sorts of things that conjure up storing away for the winter: turning inwards, home, hearth and family and of course, hibernating (even if only spiritually).


In this issue we welcome our latest officiants, our friend Annette shares some of her "Favorite Things," and we consider an oldie but goodie (read: swiped from an old Handfastings.org newsletter) regarding what's on our altars this month.    


Have a beautiful November! 


Blessed Be,  


Welcome New Officiants!

We are very pleased to introduce our latest officiants, newly listed on Handfastings.org.

Rev. Chessie Roberts

of Virginia is a singer/songwriter with Arches's Meadow Band.  Rev. Chessie is a High Priestess and 3rd degree Elder and creator of Evolution of Self; Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit Balance. She endeavors to create the ritual that the couple wants so their day is truly theirs.


Rev. Mae Moon

Aussie handfasting
Rev. Mae Moon 

of Florida is the organizer of WOW, West Orlando Witches Meetup, a public Pagan/Witch group dedicated to teaching the Ancient Ways in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. 


Rev. Elizabeth A. Baldwin

of New Jersey performs handfastings in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas.  She was paramedic for 30 years, worked in the CCU Unit for 12 years, is semi-retired and drives a school bus part time.  She loves nature, animals, science, and of course her family, animals, craft, Goddess, and Rock and Roll.


Aussie handfasting
Rev. Elizabeth Baldwin
And don't forget to visit Handfastings.org to see who else is on our officiants page! 


Welcome all! 

Favorite Things  


A few newsletters ago I posed a question: How do you make the month of November magical?  We received the most delightful response from Annette Hebert, who told us this:   


"My favorite things about November - I love the cool days, and my favorite is the fact that people smile and hug and people really care about each other.  Our family is thankful for the year of love and joy - and yes - some sadness.  If we don't have all of these we are not living.  We cook together as a family: each person creates a dish of love and sharing.  This is my favorite time of year."   


Thank you for sharing your favorite things  with us, Annette!  

On The Altar


This is an excerpt from a past newsletter from 2009.  An oldie but goodie!   


The Cornucopia

The cornucopia is a symbol of food and abundance also referred to as the food of worship and holiness, Horn of Plenty, Horn of Amalthea, and harvest cone.

In Greek mythology, Amalthea was a goat who raised Zeus on her breast milk, in a cave, on mount Idi of Crete. Her horn was accidentally broken off by Zeus while playing together. The god Zeus, in remorse, gave her back her horn with supernatural powers, which would give whoever possessed it whatever they wished for. The original depictions were of the goat's horn filled with fruits and flowers: deities, especially the Goddess Tyche (which is Her Greek name; Her Roman name is Fortuna), were depicted with the horn of plenty. The cornucopia was also a symbol for a woman's fertility.

Reference: Wikipedia

Goddess Fortuna


Fortuna is the Roman Goddess of Luck, Fate, and Fortune, as Her name implies.  Goddess Fortuna promises riches and abundance, and nurtures our individual destinies through the ups and downs of the life cycle.   She rewards those with joyful intentions with success and prosperity. 

Fortuna is often depicted holding a cornucopia filled with fruits from the harvest or coins for prosperity. 

Place a statue of Fortuna on your harvest or Thanksgiving altar.  Surround her with dried fruits, wheat stalks, and coins.  A ritual involving Fortuna has a theme of blessings of abundance.


Full Beaver Moon


Much more enticing than the full monty, the Full Beaver Moon is the name of the full moon for the month of November.    

November's full moon was called the Beaver Moon because it was the time to set traps, before the waters froze over.  This Moon was also called the Full Frost Moon, which sounds a little more elegant, no?Aussie handfasting


The Full Beaver Moon is a great time to store up for the coming winter months.  Get ready, get set, get cozy! 


November 2011 Moon Phases

(Calculated for EST Northern Hemisphere)


November 2011
First Quarter - November 2, 16:38
Full Moon - November 10, 20:16
Last Quarter - November 18, 15:09
New Moon - November 25, 06:10


And for all you futurists out there:


December 2011
First Quarter - December 2, 09:52
Full Moon - December 10, 14:36
Last Quarter - December 18, 00:48
New Moon - December 24, 18:06




(and check out this above link for a great short video about November's Full Moon)

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Mission Statement 
The mission of Handfastings.org is to link people in the Pagan and Wiccan communities with ordained officiants who perform Handfastings, Wedding Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, Sacred Unions and other Rites of Passage and celebrations.
I hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter.  Handfastings.org is a labor of love, and I couldn't have made it this far without people like you.  Please consider supporting us and tell your friends about us!

Love and Light,

Artemisia Shira Tarantino
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