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Handfastings.org News and Views  May 2011

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Hello Friend, 


I must admit, the title of our email's subject line might be a bit dramatic, only because the reason why there are twelve new officiants on Handfastings.org is because I've been away for two months!  But still, 'tis a feat to add twelve at once.


I am delighted to have you meet all of our newly listed officiants below.  Because there are so many wonderful new officiants, this newsletter is dedicated to all of them!     


On a separate note, I had a very good reason for missing two newsletters in a row (a rarity!) which will be revealed next month.   


I hope you had a beautiful Ostara and gorgeous Beltane.  I'll be back in June with more news and views from Handfastings.org.  Looking forward to Litha!   


Blessed be,


Welcome New Officiants

We are very pleased to introduce our latest officiants, newly listed on Handfastings.org.


Kassie Cressall of Utah says:


"I've found myself in leadership and counseling positions all my life and recently decided to become an ordained minister with Universal Life Church and register with local county offices as a Minister and officiant. I have been actively involved in paganism and pagan groups for 7 years and constantly seek knowledge and experiences.

Kassie Cressall  

Kassie Cressall

"I feel it's very important to offer open marriage, life and death ceremonies in Utah and give my heart fully in the joy of the rite. I feel very guided and intuitive in this sense, in helping others achieve their vision for important rites in this life and the next.

"I am dedicated to the Goddess Brighid and carry her flame in my heart but I hold no restriction of the faiths that I will perform rites for."  


Maureen Marcoulier of Oregon (not pictured)


Rev. Tom Maluga of Illinois (not pictured) "I am a former senior pastor of multicultural churches and currently direct an innovative program in child welfare.  My specialty is personalized celebrations of love that include sharing a couple's 'Journey of Love' story as part of their ceremony."


Rev. Samantha Heart 

Rev. Samantha Heart

Rev. Samantha L. Heart of North Carolina 


Kirsten Hott 

Priestess Kirsten Hott

Annie Dragonfairie of Oklahoma (not pictured)

Annie has set a precedent on Handfastings.org - she is our first listing for handfasting officiants in Oklahoma!


Priestess Kirsten Hott of Florida 


Rev. Greg Gordon of Ohio (not pictured) In addition to performing handfastings, Rev. Greg also does voice-overs, is a writer, and just recently performed a beautiful honey ceremony!


Rev. Joy Burke of New York 

Rev. Joy Burke 

Rev. Joy Burke


Debbie Bailey 

HP Debbie Bailey


Rev. Priestess & HP Debbie Bailey of Oregon









Corvin M. 

Corvin M.

Corvin M. of Arkansas -  

Corvin can also perform weddings in Tennessee, Missouri, Texas and Louisiana.


Reverend Michelle A. Bassett of Minnesota has a background in spiritual psychology with a focus on the Divine Feminine. "I am passionate about freedom of spirituality and strive to make sure each couple that I work with ties their personal beliefs into their chosen ceremony."

Michelle Bassett 

Rev. Michelle Bassett


Welcome all! 


Mission Statement 
The mission of Handfastings.org is to link people in the Pagan and Wiccan communities with ordained officiants who perform Handfastings, Wedding Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, Sacred Unions and other Rites of Passage and celebrations.
I hope you enjoyed this month's newsletter.  Handfastings.org is a labor of love, and I couldn't have made it this far without people like you.  Please consider supporting us and tell your friends about us!

Love and Light,

Artemisia Shira Tarantino
Joining Hearts in Perfect Love™ 

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