pumpkin, halloween, samhain, handfasting  October 2008 Happy Samhain!
Hallowe'en News from Handfastings.org
A Samhain Wedding

Honoring our ancestors through joyous celebration

handfasting, wedding, wicca, wiccan October is a very special time for me and my husband because this is the month of our own five-year handfasting anniversary!  We had a Samhain/Halloween inspired wedding and traditional handfasting ceremony.  During the ceremony, we honored our ancestors as we entered the sacred circle.  The high priestess called the quarters and we blessed one another with each element.  We were then bound with a consecrated handfasting cord after our vows were made and we exchanged rings.  It was a beautiful ceremony, and perhaps one of the most exciting days of our lives. 

For our reception, we displayed our new family tree, detailing our immediate family lines back to all of our great grandparents.  Our wedding cake toppers were two Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) figurines of a bride and groom, and the cake table held photos of our grandmothers.  A wedding is a wonderful occasion in which to honor your ancestors on such a joyous day.  An unforgettable handfasting is filled with a lifetime of memories!
I Do!

Same-sex weddings legalized in Connecticut

gay marriage, same sex wedding, handfastings Back when Handfastings.org was launched on Beltaine of 2004, something besides magick was afoot in the world of weddings: Massachusetts had just become the first, and then only, state in which gay marriage - marriage between two same-sex individuals - became legalized.  Soon afterward,
California followed.  And on October 10th, 2008, the state of Connecticut became the third state to legalize marriage for same-sex couples.   

" 'I can't believe it. We're thrilled, we're absolutely overjoyed. We're finally going to be able, after 33 years, to get married,' said Janet Peck of Colchester, who was a plaintiff with her partner, Carole Conklin [ABC News online]."

This is an exciting prospect for Handfastings.org, as our organization supports the legalization of gay marriage, and we maintain that it is a human and Constitutional right to perform and uphold same-sex marriages.  The Connecticut ruling goes into effect Oct. 28th.  To read more about the ruling, go to ABC News online:


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Can I Get a Witness?

Handfastings.org unveils new testimonials page

Handfastings.org is has a new testimonials page in the works.  While it is in the "beta" stages right now, it is ready to be viewed by the public!  You can visit the page here.   (http://www.handfastings.org/testimonials.html).

If you would like to add your own testimonial about our website, just email us at shira@handfastings.org.  
Handfastings and the Economy

It all adds up

What does the economic slump mean for officiants who perform handfastings?  When times are tough, couples may opt to have less ornate weddings.  Handfastings can be inherently simpler than the all-out wedding extravaganza.  During economic downturns, people tend to pare down their spending. 

What is your take on the situation?  As an officiant, have you seen any changes in bookings?  Or as a person who is planning a handfasting, are you cutting your wedding expenses?  Handfastings.org would like to know.  Please email me with your story at shira@handfastings.org.
Samhain and the Final Harvest
by Shira
Lifting the Veil

Handfastings, black veil, samhain, halloweenThe leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and a cool breeze turns the Wheel of the Year to Samhain.  Samhain, pronounced "sow-in", is the Sabbat which invites us to honor our ancestors, query oracles and see through to other worlds.  During Samhain, the veil between the worlds is thinnest, which affords us a glimpse of our ancestors and loved ones who have gone before us.  During this time of year, we begin to look inward and meditate on our lives.  We explore the perception of self and discover our inner awareness.  We meet the Gods within, and contact Them using divination through sacred dance, tarot, scrying (using black mirrors for self reflection), and many other means.   On Samhain we cross the threshold of transformation.

Traditionally held on the eve of October 31st, Samhain is an occasion to dress up as our ancestors, enjoy a silent supper, and contemplate the afterworld.  It is the Samhain holiday on which our modern-day Halloween (or All Hallows Eve) is based.  Today, we dress in costume and visit our neighbors (just as our ancestors can easily visit us on this night).  Apples and pumpkins, symbols of the season, are sacred fruits of Samhain, which is considered the Final Harvest before nature slips into dormancy. 

Today's Halloween is one of the only occasions where it is once again acceptable to visit and introduce ourselves to our neighbors, even if we do not know them that well.  In our closed-door society, getting to know our neighbors is a healthy change from isolation and unfamiliarity - a change which is needed now more than ever.

Happy Samhain from Handfastings.org!

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