Maryland-Based Government, Academic and Business Leaders Meet with Singapore Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission


Featured in the group photo are the following: Collaborators in MD-AEP's water partnership MoU with the Singapore PUB featured at Center Club Reception with Singapore Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Ong Siew Gay. From left to right: Phil Phan from JHU Carey School of Business; Bob Summers from the Maryland Department of Environment; Andy Lazur, University of Maryland College of Agriculture and Natural Resources; Sinisa Sirovica from I.M. Research Institute; Brian Darmody, representing the R.R. Colwell and A. Huq Laboratory at UMD's Maryland Pathogen Research Institute; DCM Mr. Ong Siew Gay; Kathy Magruder, Maryland Clean Energy Center; Peter Gourlay, MD-AEP; Bob Wood, Director of the NOAA Oxford (Maryland) Cooperative Lab; Greg Smith, Director of the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Refuge in Laurel, MD; Jeremy Peichel, UMD Center for Integrative Environmental Research (CIER); and Russell Hill, Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET)


July 21, 2011 Baltimore.  Last night, MD-AEP hosted a celebration reception, sponsored by KCI Technologies, with Singapore Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Ong Siew Gay to celebrate our recent MoU with Singapore's National Water Agency, PUB, at the Center Club in Baltimore. 

HeatherCampbellandMr.OngBy all accounts, the evening was a tremendous success with many key leaders in attendance to hear a debriefing from MD-AEP's recent mission to Singapore and to meet the Singapore Embassy's Deputy Chief of Mission Ong Siew Gay.  Attendees included Senator Cardin's Office (Heather Campbell pictured at left with Mr. Ong); Congressman Sarbanes Office; federal agencies including USEPA, NOAA, USGS, DOC; state agencies including the Governor's Office, Secretary of State's Office, MDE, DNR, DBED and Office of Talbot County Economic Development; the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University; and our business network including companies from the MD-AEP, Regional Manufacturing Institute, the Maryland Clean Energy Center and the Maryland Chamber of Commerce (see photo gallery here ).

TomSpreheNewWaterTom Sprehe, Senior Vice President with KCI Technologies, joined MD-AEP's delegation to Singapore and shared his insights from the trip about Singapore's water innovations.  He brought several props to highlight Singapore's water leadership including a bottle of NEWater (pictured right), Singapore's prized reclaimed water technology  which was the recipient of the Stockholm Water Prize several years ago.

The partnership agreement with PUB, signed in Singapore July 7 during Singapore International Water Week, is aimed at building collaborative water related partnerships between Maryland-based government, science and business groups to work cooperatively with their counterparts in Singapore as it exports its urban water management model throughout Asia.  
ChesapeakeBayThrough this partnership with Singapore, we believe that Maryland can provide some value added expertise with its good governance, science and empirical data modeling, in addition to its innovative clean up technologies being tested in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, the Bay's tributaries and open waterways.


In the coming months, MD-AEP will work with the collaborating organizations, listed in the MoU, from Maryland to help match them with the appropriate counterparts in Singapore.  Each of the organizations has indicated an interest in working with Singapore on providing their respective services as part of Singapore's urban water export management model.


Collaborating Maryland-based partners listed in the MoU bring unique water related expertise including: NOAA's Oxford Lab (health of tributaries), USGS' Patuxent Wildlife Research Center (coastal impact), University of Maryland's (UMD) College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (nutrient management and food safety), UMD's Center for Integrative Environmental Research (sustainable cities), UMD's Pathogen Research Institute (waterborne disease), the Maryland Clean Energy Center (water-energy technologies), JHU's Carey Business School (environmental finance) and IM Research Institute (climate change).