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December 2011
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ease in writing?
"Ease in writing" comes from a poem by Alexander Pope, the British poet:

True ease in writing comes from art, not chance,
As those move easiest who have learn'd to dance.

Note he (and I) didn't say "easy writing." But just as dance lessons can help get you around the floor more gracefully, the goal for this newsletter is to share a tip or two to improve your writing.

Happy Holidays!
I've enjoyed talking with, working with, and learning from many of you this year, my 15th in business! Here's to a wonderful, healthy new year for all. 

If you have an idea for a newsletter topic in 2012 or would like to be a "guest expert," please let me know.

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Paula Tarnapol Whitacre
Full Circle Communications 
Catching Up on a Year of Writing Tips
Each month, this newsletter covers a topic related to writing or editing. Often, the subjects stem from a question that someone asks me--or that I wonder about myself.
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Didn't read all the issues this year? No worries. Check out the Ease in Writing archives.

Or, check out a specific topic. Here's a rundown of 2011 issues, with a few points from each.

"Write-able" Resolutions (January)
  • Nine writing-related and definitely do-able resolutions, from writing one letter (not an e-amail) to attending one literary reading  
  • Read more resolutions here 
Writing in Someone Else's Voice (February)
  • Immerse yourself in how the person speaks and writes   
  • Read and listen to others in the field
  • Get feedback and revise  
  • Read more tips here   
DIY Writer's Retreat (March)
  • Advantages of getting away, even briefly   
  • Organizing a retreat by yourself or with a friend  
  • Suggested books to foster creativity   
  • Read more tips here    
Three Punctuation Problems Solved (April)
  • Where to place quotation marks   
  • How to punctuate bulleted lists  
  • How to punctuate parentheses 
  • Read the solutions here
Co-Authoring without Going Crazy (May)
  • Confirm that co-authoring makes sense  
  • Define your roles  
  • Put aside egos  
  • Read more tips here    
Full Circle Turns 15! (June)
  • What's changed since 1996. 
  • Read about it here.  
Five Common Word Mix-Ups (July)
  • Discrete/discreet 
  • Born/borne
  • Defuse/diffuse
  • Compliment/complement
  • Principle/principal
  • Clarifications are here  
Writers Never "Vacate" (August)
  • Observations about language while on vacation
  • Read what I saw here   
E-Newsletter Best Practices (September)
  • Content ideas 
  • Design ideas 
  • Delivery ideas 
  • Read tips here  
Writing for Mobile Devices (October)
  • Initial content considerations 
  • Five writing implications 
  • An example of "responsive design" 
  • Read the insights here 
Getting and Giving Feedback on Writing (November)
  • Questions to ask when someone asks you for feedback on their writing 
  • Questions to ask when you are asking someone for feedback
  • Read the questions here 
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