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Last minute details before
"Arizona's Energy Future"
Grand Canyon




Grand Canyon Weather Forecast
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 We're looking forward to your participation at the 99th Arizona Town Hall "Arizona's Energy Future."


By now, you should have already received the extensive background report prepared just for this Town Hall by ASU.  It can also be downloaded from our website.


When you enter the park, let them know you are with the Arizona Town Hall. We have received a waiver for the park entrance fee that is normally charged as you drive into the park. 


When you arrive, be sure to check in at the Town Hall registration desk to pick up your materials (located at the El Tovar Lodge). The registration materials will include the full agenda, discussion questions and a list of participants. These items can also be downloaded from the following links on our website.  

  • Full Agenda (which includes speaker bios, and discussion outline) You will notice that some of the meal programs have been changed as a result of a last minute cancellation by Monday's lunch speaker Commissioner Marc Spitzer who had a family medical issue.
  • List of Participants You may want to consider carpooling with fellow participants. If you need contact information for anyone listed, please contact the Town Hall office.
  • Background Report

Hotel check-in is as follows:  El Tovar and Kachina Lodge registration is located at the main desk in El Tovar; Thunderbird Lodge check-in is at the main desk in Bright Angel Lodge; and Maswik Lodge check-in is in Maswik.


We have a special addition to this Town Hall on Tuesday morning--a Ranger-guided walk for up to 20 people. If you are interested in this no-cost experience, you can sign up at the Town Hall registration table when you arrive on Sunday.  


The Grand Canyon is an amazing yet rustic setting for a Town Hall. The meeting rooms are located in different lodges and while most people enjoy the brisk walks and the random encounters with elk, for some this can be a challenge. Please be sure to let us know if you will need any assistance--especially given the recent weather predictions that a cold front will be coming into Arizona this weekend bringing freezing temperatures and possible snow. Plan accordingly and pack warm clothes and comfortable shoes or boots. Dress ranges from business casual to simply casual. Everyone should also consider bringing a small flashlight for walking to and from the evening events as street lighting is minimal.


The Town Hall is about citizen engagement, creating solutions and taking action. We'd love for you to connect with your fellow participants before, during and after the official gathering.  For those who Tweet, join us @AZTownHall.  And don't forget to follow the Arizona Town Hall on Facebook and LinkedIn


While we also expect more traditional media coverage on this Town Hall, remember that this is your Town Hall. Think about how you can engage fellow Arizonans in this important discussion before, during and after the Town Hall session.


We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.