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December 2009  
Peaceful Playgrounds

Recess Doctor

U.S. Map Contest


Prairie Queen Elementary
Oklahoma City, OK

Vision Christian Academy
Raleigh, FL

Pine Creek Elementary
Bennington, NE

Congratulations! Call to claim your U.S. Map Stencil.

Check out the list below for great indoor  inclement weather activities.

Congratulations to the U.S. Map Stencil winners for December 2009.  Pine Creek Elementary (NE), Vision Christian Academy (FL), Prairie Queen Elemenatary (OK).

Webinars this week.

How to Have a Peaceful Playground. Register
Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - 10:00 AM PST -

Grant Writing for Beginners  Register
Thursday, December 10, 2009 - 10:00 AM PST

Peaceful Playgrounds Support  Register
Friday, December 11 2009 - 10:00 AM PST

Coming in January:  "Bring Back Recess Webinar" with Toolkit.

Melinda Bossenmeyer, Ed.D.

Rain/Snow Day Activities

Energizers are classroom based physical activities that integrate physical activity with academic concepts. These are short (aboEnergizersut 10 minutes) activities that classroom teachers can use to provide activity to children which corresponds with the request from the North Carolina State Board of Education's Healthy Active Children Policy for elementary teachers.
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Indoor Sandbox
Fill a large plastic bin with different shaped dry pastas, dry beans, rice, whatever you can buy least expensively. Give them cups and "sand" toys and you have a winter alternative to the sandbox. (Spread a sheet under the bin they will get it everywhere then you can just gather up the sheet and dump it back in the bin.)

Pedometer Walking Program
Consider outfitting the class with pedometers, then tracking your steps together. There's nothing like a brisk walk (if you have indoor hallways or walkway covers of course).  Set goals and reward kids for certain accomplishments.  Have students calculate miles
We Count Walking Program
to a certain destination in your area.  We Count Walking Program has step logs, certificates, a  bulletin board,  mini lessons on physical activity and nutrition, plus parent and student newsletters.  Pull out and copy student newsletters and activities for filling a rainy day lunch hour with fun activities and learning.
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Board Games
There's nothing like  good old fashioned board games to take your minds off of the rain!  Younger children enjoy simple games like Candy Land, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Chutes and Ladders. A few great board games for older kids include:
Snakes and Ladders, Candyland, Monopoly, Scrabble Junior, Pictionary Junior, Checkers and Chess.
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Playground Games DVD

Are you a Peaceful Playgrounds School with a site license?  Pull out the Instructional  Games DVD's for lunchroom entertainment and learning.  Kids learn playground games including rules, violations and how to play.
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Card Games
Kids will love a card game or two. Break open a new pack of cards for: Memory/Concentration, Old Maid, Go Fish, War, Slapjack or matched sets.

Activity Videos
Videos/DVDs work particularly well for children.  Have kids bring in their favorite movement/exercise video and turn it on to get the wiggles out.  Here's a few of our favorites: Cool Aerobics for Kids, Square Dance Made Easy, Physical Ed, Lummi Sticks for Kids, and Kids in Action. 

Follow the Leader
Tell the children to copy your clapping as you clap in different ways. You can try fast, slow, loud, soft, etc. Once the kids catch on, have them take turns being the "Leader.

People Letters
Draw a letter on the board (or paper) for all the kids to see. Then ask them to work together to make the letters. If it's a letter such as "T", two children can work together by lying on the ground and forming the letter. On letters like "N", you can have all three work together.

Let's put on a show!
Challenge a group of kids to stage a play or talent show. Give them a theme or opening lines to get them started, if they need a little jump start (how about "Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Rainy Days, a princess was born with webbed duck feet ... ").
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Save 25%
We Count Walking Program We Count Walking Program
Complete program set includes 13 pedometers, progress charts, parent newsletter, step log, certificates and motivational stickers along with teacher materials on CD.  (Regular Price $399)
Must include coupon at the time of order.
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Offer Expires: January 30,2010