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Issue: #6 June 2009

This month's newsletter provides information on the Peaceful Playgrounds Right to Recess Campaign. During the past year we have prepared a powerpoint presentation, a speakers guide and gathered resources for making  the case for the importance of recess.  Now is the time.  Once the school year begins it is nearly impossible to get schedules changed.  Begin today with our Right to Recess Toolbox.  We provide  step-by-step guidance and resources on our Right to Recess Webpage.  Watch for a Right to Recess Webinar coming soon.

You may want to consider taking advantage of the Year-End Sale.   Prices to increase on September 1, 2009.

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Congratulations to U.S. Map Stencil Drawing Winners!
Right to Recess Campaign
Play Nice Newsletter Now is the time to SAVE RECESS.  Before the school year schedule is set, let authorities know that kids have a right to recess.  Our new materials can help you to make the case for the importance of recess.

Experts agree that playtime can be just as vital as classroom time to a child's social, emotional and educational development.
Despite mounting evidence that kids need an outlet to blow off steam, learn to interact with others and get the exercise they need, nearly 40 percent of American elementary schools have either eliminated or are considering eliminating recess.

Due to school budget cuts and an increased focus on academic standards, millions of American schoolchildren may miss out on unstructured play with their peers including hopscotch, tag, kickball or jump rope.

Recess also functions successfully as an established school-based activity and should be carefully considered as part of any school health and wellness policy.

A survey conducted by the PTA showed that nine out of 10 teachers say recess and the free time spent with peers is an important part of the school day and is crucial to a child's social and emotional development.

Free Campaign Toolbox Package

You can have the Peaceful Playgrounds Right to Recess Campaign Toolbox sent directly to your email box. The campaign toolbox contains a full PowerPoint presentation and speakers notes along with research and documents to support daily, unstructured physical activity during school hours.

Watch for a Right to Recess Webinar on how to use the materials and organize a group of concerned parents and teachers coming soon.

Please help us spread the word that these resources are now available.

Let your community know that children have the Right to Recess!
U.S. Map Stencil Contest Winners
U.S. Map Contest
June  results
The following schools have won a free U.S. Map Playgrounds Stencil from Peaceful Playgrounds.
Please contact our office to claim your prize.
877-444-9888 or email [email protected]

School:                 Candil Jacaranda School
Principal:              Idali Medina
City:                      Plantation, FL
Submitted by:       Karen Aruj

School:                   Southside Elementary
Principal:                 Linda Painter
City:                         Denham Springs, LA
Submitted by:          Frances Bradford

School:                    First Lutheran School
E.C. Director:           Eric Pralle    
City:                         Ft. Smith, AR
Submitted by:          Carla Brakhage

"Fun" damental Movement   Approved for Head Start  Body Start   "Play Space Grant" Funding

Play Nice Newsletter
Unlike any other program, the Fundamental Movement Program offers unique markings that can be painted on the blacktop that enhance children's motor development and create an outdoor motor learning play space.

This guidebook contains the ingredients of a uniquely designed motor development program for early childhood and elementary school-age children. This skill-based guide was designed for quick reference and is filled with activities that kids love. Teachers will appreciate the checklists and award certificates which aid in monitoring student progress in the areas of: Balance; Body and Space Awareness; Eye-Foot Coordination; Hand-Eye Coordination; Jumping and Sequencing, Loco-motor Movements; Social Skill Development; Small Motor Coordination; Total Body Coordination and Skill Development.

This complete package of Objectives, Instructional Tips, Activities, Checklists and Award Certificates will add both fun and flair to your program.

Watch short video on the Head Start Body Start Grant and Peaceful Playgrounds HSBS Preferred Vendor Packages!

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