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 Estate, Tax and Business Planning                         Spring, 2012





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Be Flexible on Tax Plans

This year, flexibility is the best course of action in tax planning. The making of gifts, either outright or through trusts, and other simple techniques can save you and your heirs substantial estate and income taxes. Click here to read more



Avoid Conflicts and Court Intervention Over Your Assets

Although everyone can benefit from a comprehensive estate and tax plan, many adults do not have a will or other simple legal documents in place to assist in safeguarding their health, wealth, property or proper administration of their medical decisions. Click here to read the importance of having a will and plan for distributing your assets to avoid them being held in court and distributed by state law.


Five Estate Planning Tips 

Click here for five tips to consider before meeting with an Estate Planning attorney. Regardless of your estate size, an effective attorney will guide you to properly plan the distribution and the best way to minimize estate and income taxes.

Succession Planning for Small Businesses


It took you a lot of work and determination to make your business a success. Have you taken the steps to ensure that your business will continue to run smoothly when you exit? A recent survey indicates that only 33% of small businesses have a succession plan. Many business owners assume that a will works as a succession plan, but they are wrong. With smart succession planning strategies in place you can help guarantee your business will be passed to the next generation more smoothly, and provide a map for your partners and successors to follow to eliminate any bumps in the businesses operation. Click here for information on how to plan for your small business without you.


What is the Fate of the Estate Tax?


As 2012 continues to unfold, the fate of the federal estate tax is on many people's mind. The current law is scheduled to expire at the end of the year, and the current top federal estate tax rate of 35% could automatically increase to 55% (and the exemption decrease from $5 million to $1 million) if Congress does not act. President Obama has criticized the current law, and has proposed several changes to the law to take effect next year. For more information, click here to read 'the Green Book' from the U.S. Department of Treasury



Tax Season can be Frightening for

Young Adults 


As Benjamin Franklin noted, 'nothing is certain but death and taxes.' As a young adult with little or no experience in preparing or filing a tax return - this fatalistic proverb rings true. Tax filing can be complicated and a tax novice in taxes could potentially make big costly mistakes. Young adults need to review their deductions; interest earned from savings accounts or certificate of deposits, student-loan deductions and tax breaks available for graduate and undergraduate students. It's never too early to plan for next year.