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TopJanuary 28, 2012



Greetings! ,

Recreational Boaters of California [RBOC] is urging boaters to speak up in opposition to Governor Brown's proposal to eliminate the Department of Boating and Waterways [Cal Boating] and re-constitute the department as a division within the Department of Parks and Recreation.

RBOC will continue to stress that Cal Boating provides accountability, transparency and leadership regarding the collection and use of boater-derived taxes and fees, and the best use of these funds for programs that benefit boating.

The tenacity of the boating community has intensified each time the proposal to eliminate the independent Cal Boating has been considered. Visits, calls, and emails from the entire boating community will be needed again to produce an acknowledgement of the value and importance of Cal Boating in the State Capitol.

RBOC will work to achieve an understanding by state policy makers that that this department creates jobs and receives no state General Fund dollars, and that its elimination would not help with the current budget crisis.

Boaters are urged to sign and submit the attached letter of opposition. Letters can be faxed to 916.441.3520, emailed to, or mailed to: RBOC, 925 L Street, Suite 220, Sacramento, CA 95814.


For the Board of Directors and Advisors,

Steve Carpenter, Secretary      

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