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March 2012  



Each month we share with you Powerful Tips to help you GROW your business with Online Marketing!

This month we focus on "How to make "Your Business" Shine Online!" and "What are the Key Business Advantages of "Facebook Timeline"?" What is your online marketing presence doing for your company? Are you standing out as an industry leader or simply lost in the online clutter?  


At eXtra Contact, your success is our success! We look forward to helping you grow your business by keeping you 'top of mind' with your clients and prospects.
Our goal is to help you build relationships and trust through professional email Contact Usmarketing. Please contact us today for more details!

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How to make "Your Business" Shine Online! 

1. Consistent Contact (Online Newsletters):
In the online world, businesses are forgotten faster than yesterday's news, unless you keep in close contact with customers. Staying in clear view is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. To strengthen customer relations, it is highly recommended to have an online newsletter...

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What are the Key Business Advantages
of "Facebook Timeline"?
Facebook Timeline

Facebook recently announced that their standard layout will be changing to the "Timeline". This new layout can provide a number of advantages to businesses, such as:

1) Larger Photos:
Large splashy photos will draw extra attention to your special offers.

2) Social Media Campaigns:
The new layout enables you to arrange and highlight your promotions and events, with the power of photo and video advertising.

3) Milestones:
Your older posts can become a visual history of your business. Highlighting your most significant achievements and providing your customers with the whole story behind your business.

It may take a bit of time for many users to get used to new "Timeline" layout but the enhanced business features should make it worthwhile. If you need some professional advice on putting together your social media strategy, feel free to ask the friendly experts at eXtra Contact.

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How to make
"Your Business"
Shine Online!
Business Advantages
of Facebook Timeline

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