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February 2012


Each month we share with you Powerful Tips to help you GROW your business with Online Marketing!

This month is about 'Why should we "feed" and maintain our holding tank of prospects?" You network hard to meet potential clients, don't lose touch with them! And with February being the month of love we include the "10 romantic words that sell."

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10 romantic words that sell 

10 Romantic words taht sell - read article I loved this article by Lexi Rodrigo (a copywriter and marketing consultant) who used the words "love," "heart," and "passion" on her home page long before researching for this post. ~ Gail Watson 

Here are 10 unabashedly feminine words that have been proven to sell:

Secret:  As the stereotype would have it, women love to keep, tell and discover secrets. Actually, so does everybody else. This word appears in all the headline swipe files of those (male) copywriting masters.

Find out the other 9 romantic words and how do romantic words hold up in real-world copy? ... Read the full article 

The Value of Your Prospect List 

Value of Prospecting - read full article A client of mine told me that a customer opted for an additional $3,000 in services on top of a $5,000 order simply because of a follow-up message that was sent.

That same message that prompted this customer to purchase another service is one that goes out to his entire prospect list (the prospect list is the customers that may need your services but have not gone forward) on a regular basis.

Every prospect should be put into a database to be contacted forever unless they "buy, die, move, or scream get me off your mailing list." This should be considered a "holding tank" for future return on marketing expenditures.

Why should we "feed" and maintain our holding tank of prospects?... Read the full article 

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10 romantic words that sell
The Value of Your Prospect List
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