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October 2011 



Each month we share with you Powerful Tips to help you GROW your business with Online Marketing!

See the articles below for expert tips how to optimize your online image! This month we focus on "How do you look online?" What are your social media pages saying about your company? Are you standing out as an industry leader or simply lost in the online clutter?  

At eXtra Contact, your success is our success! We look forward to helping you grow your business by keeping you 'top of mind' with your clients & prospects to build relationships & trust through professional email marketing. Please contact us today for more details and for your complimentary 'Sales Action Work Sheet' ... that will help you sell more!


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Social Media Confusion - read full article  

Stop the Confusion! 

Social Media: A Business Strategy that Accomplishes More Results!  

Let's face it, online marketing isn't a fad - it's not going away anytime soon. And social media is the fastest growing component of that marketing medium.  


As a business owner, speaker or consultant, it is important to realize that what you put out there reflects on your business, even if you are just being social! These tips will ensure that you put the best you forward in the social space and attract the right people online to your business!   


Click here to read the entire article... 

Banners for E-NEWSLETTERS or Website
Do-It-Yourself vs. Professional Design?
Good vs. GREAT!...
(See the difference below)

Does your email marketing stand out in the cluttered internet jungle?
Online marketing experts recommend starting with a Professionally Designed Newsletter Banner!

As you can see, a templated do-it-yourself banner pretty much looks like everything else on the internet; it can easily get lost in the cluttered internet jungle. By contrast, a professionally designed banner stands out and grabs people's attention. We are now offering a limited time special on professionally designed email banners. 


Limited Time Banner Special:  

Regular Price : $295.00

Only: $245.00   


Coupon Code: XC10A11  

Offer expires: December 31, 2011


Email us at dave@extracontact.com to get started!

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Extra Contact Spotlight 
Each month we introduce you to an eXtra Contact client: Meet...

  More on Paul Coleman  

Paul Coleman,
Bread Garden Catering


Paul Coleman is the owner of an extraordinary catering company which offers spectacular food and event planning services. 

Click here to read
Paul's interview with the Vancouver Board of Trade...


Success Stories 
"Dave and Gail are great and I would highly recommend them. They are highly responsive, always go the extra mile to solve challenges, and their work made a noticeable difference in my business. If you want to stay connected to your clients and prospects, they are the A team." 


~ Dr. John B. Izzo ~
Speaker, Author  drjohnizzo.com



Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Customer Database!   

At eXtra Contact, we work with business owners to develop an Action Plan to keep your company visual while building credibility with your clients and prospects. You work hard to meet new contacts & prospects, so don't lose touch with them! When they are ready to do business, make sure that you are 'Top of Mind'. Find out how eXtra Contact's 'Quick Start Introduction' Plan can accelerate your start today!.


XC_contacts_mailThe QUICK START program includes: 

- Constant Contact Set Up
- Website Tags
- Welcome Letters
- Database Upload
- Newsletter Template
- Business Letter Template
- 1st Campaign & Post Analysis
- Sales Follow-Up Strategies
- Training to continue to 'Do-It-Yourself'

Partner with eXtra Contact and build your Customers Relationships!

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