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January 2011
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Turning your online traffic into Contacts
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Spice Up Your Mix with Social Media
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Each month we share with you powerful Email Marketing Tips to help you GROW your business!  This month we focus in on turning your online visitors into contacts (& future customers!).

Also read '5 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Mix with Social Media' for a few easy to implement tips.

Looking to get started with email marketing or wanting to add Social Media to your plan?...  Attend a free Power of Email & Social Media Marketing... more info.

"What do you need to sell more?..."
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Turning your online traffic into contacts
A site visitor is a terrible thing to waste!  If you're not collecting email addresses on your website (and anywhere else you can, ie Facebook), you are missing out on opportunities to turn one-time visitors into your best customers.
extra Contact - Please visit our websiteNo matter how they found you - online through SEO or a banner ad, a flyer or from a networking event - if you're not providing a way for customers and visitors to express interest in hearing from you in the future, your marketing effort was nothing more than a one-shot deal.
Don't hide it! - Place your email list sign-up on your homepage above the fold. Place it on as many pages where it will fit, like 'news' or 'contact us.'
Make it quick and painless - Just get the email address to start. Your visitors' and customers' trust must be earned and this only happens over time.
Create an incentive - Make sure your incentive is closely related to your product or service. That way, you'll end up with an audience interested in you, not just the latest gadget.
Make your site traffic work for you by building your own opt-in email list and communicating with your visitors and customers.  By having an email marketing method in place you will have more of an incentive to grow your list and put a place and purpose to those contacts you meet.

Wondering where to start?...Let eXtra Contact help you create an incentive for your sign ups!!
Success Stories
"Thanks!... You were a great help and it was lovely to work with you... Cheers"
Alex E., Program Coordinator, DWV
Marketing Tip:5 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Mix with Social Media
Visit eWomen Network website
Social media's primary benefit to your communication strategy is its ability to build relationships and communities between individuals who share interests AND who would not be brought together otherwise except for those interests.

If you play the role of bringing people together around a product, service or interest - you increase your credibility, build your brand and may, in time, increase your profitability by creating a loyal following.

5 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Mix with Social Media
  1. Develop a social media strategy YESTERDAY. Deciding to put together a social media strategy is like deciding to have the sex talk with your kids. Either YOU can be the one to explain, or you can leave it to TV, their friends - or the internet. It's insane to ignore the movement to this kind of communication. But it's wise to learn and make decisions about how to use it so it doesn't use you.

  2. Choose the critical few social media applications (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter...). No one says you have to use every single social media application that's out there. Choose a few and choose carefully. Always ask yourself: Who is my ideal customer? What is important to them when they are buying what I'm selling? And which tool will help them connect with my business in an easy and relevant way?

Click here to view the other 3 tips!

eXtra Contact Spotlight:  Peter Hansen
Each month we introduce you to an eXtra Contact client: Meet...
Peter Hansen - Hansen Home Inspections
Hansen Home Inspections - Please visit our website
Hansen Home Inspections Ltd. is a licensed professional home inspection firm in North Vancouver, BC serving buyers, sellers and those maintaining their homes in the North Shore and Metro Vancouver.

Each month Peter takes you through a different part of your home sharing tips that you can implement to keep your home in great shape.
Power of Email & Social Media Seminars 

EventInfoFree Live Seminar:

The Power of E-Mail & Social Media Marketing

 You are invited to attend an exciting seminar  to learn about the latest Email & Social Media Marketing best practices to grow your business.
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Wednesday, February 2nd (Coquitlam)

Wednesday, February 16th (BCIT Downtown)

Wednesday, March 16th (BCIT Downtown)

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  10am - 12 noon

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** Plus, a Getting Started with Constant Contact - Email Marketing Best Practices workshop 1:30 - 3pm. Learn about Social Media / Email integration and more...


Social Media Marketing
Made Simple for Small Business & Not-for-Profits

Wednesday, February 23rd; 10am -12 noon

You are invited to attend an exciting seminar at to learn about

the latest Social Media Marketing insights & best practices to grow your business.

Presented with Small Business & Not-for-Profits in mind!

BCIT Downtown Campus - 555 Seymour Vancouver - Second Floor Event Room

$ 30* - Please Register


eXtra Contact, our success is your success! We look forward to helping you grow your business by keeping you 'top of mind' with your clients & prospects to build relationships & trust through professional email marketing.

Please contact us today for more details and for your complimentary 'Sales Action Work Sheet' ... that will help you sell more!
David Watson, P.Eng.
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