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February 2010
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Marketing Tip: 10 Romantic Words that Sell
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"...a way to communicate..."
Provide Great Content for Your Subscribers
eXtra Contact Spotlight: Ownermatch International
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Each month we share with you powerful Email Marketing Tips to help you GROW your business! This month I focus in on 'How organizations can provide great content for their subscribers.'

Business/Marketing Tips,
provided by Gail Watson, features '10 Romantic Words that Sell.'

"What do you need to sell more?..."
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Marketing Tip: 10 Romantic Words that Sell
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I loved this article by Lexi Rodrigo (a copywriter and marketing consultant) who used the words "love," "heart," and "passion" on her home page long before researching for this post.

Here are 10 unabashedly feminine words that have been proven to sell:
  • Love:  As John Lennon sang. "All we need is love," and this word doesn't only dominate the titles of romance fiction. It's commonly used in songs as well. Maybe it's because love is what we're all longing for. Yes, guys too. Even if you don't always admit it.
  • Heart:  Now becoming synonymous to "love" (e.g., "I heart Copyblogger"), this word is increasingly used to soften traditionally tough topics: "business with a heart," "writing for the heart," "selling from the heart."
  • Secret:  As the stereotype would have it, women love to keep, tell and discover secrets. Actually, so does everybody else. This word appears in all the headline swipe files of those (male) copywriting masters.
Find out the other seven words along with how to 'Take your magic wand and transform your copy.'

Contact us if you need extra help with the copy in your next newsletter.

Success Stories
"We needed a way to communicate with customers on a timely, consistent and more personal basis ..."  
Andrew Kramer, Jack-Tar American Tavern
More Testimonials
All businesses and organizations can provide great content for subscribers
Please visit our websiteOne of the biggest questions during the Power of Email Marketing seminars revolves around what to put in a newsletter. Coming up with 12 topics or more per year -- depending on how frequently you mail -- can be a real challenge.

The key is to keep the "sell, sell, sell" mentality to a minimum and give subscribers information they can use. Subscribers want to be educated and they want to be able to share items of interest with friends and family.  Your content should be of interest to the general public, making it easier for your constituents to share with a wider circle of their own contacts.

So what should you write about every week or month? Your everyday activities can help you generate useful content to keep your subscribers happy and clicking.

Read the full article to find out how Sharing your Secrets, Knowledge & Humanity can help your business.
eXtra Contact Spotlight: Ownermatch International
Each month we introduce you to an eXtra Contact client: Meet...

Wayne Wilkins, Founder of Ownermatch International
Meet Wayne Wilkins - Ownership International
"Exclusive Co-ownership" is based on the principle that two (well-matched) families, sharing ownership and enjoyment of one luxury resort property, will experience financial and lifestyle benefits that neither could achieve acting on their own.

Exclusive Co-Ownership
The key to making these financial and lifestyle benefits possible is our ability to profile, match and bring together the right people so that co-owners can enjoy all the lifestyle benefits of owning 100% of a property for 50% of the cost!
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