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The Small Business Cycle                                                                                       February 2009
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The Small Business Cycle
What's Your Story?
Computer Forensic Analysis Workshop
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Hitting the Sweet Spot!

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This past weekend, I started the planning of my 2009 garden.  Challenging myself to a new, more efficient way, I decided to start my annuals from seeds.   In the learning of "how to grow these seeds" I have learned that there are many steps along the way and its just not as simple as sticking a seed in dirt!  

A business starts the same way, the seed = the idea.  You can't just hope it happens.  There are steps you must do along the way.  

This month we are collecting seeds FROM YOU!  We want to know about what you are doing, where you are at and provide answers for you to share in your growth. "What's Your Story"

Helping you Stay Connected!

"Thank you so much for your time and insight.  I can't believe what a difference you've made in such a short period of time.  Wow, life sure is great when one meets wonderful people like you!"
Nicole Yamanaka, Vancouver, BC, Le Physique
The Small Business Cycle
by Gail Watson

At each stage of business development, you'll face unique challenges. As a start-up, you might be struggling with time management issues because, let's face it, you're probably still doing most of the work yourself. You might be at the stage when you realize that you need help managing all of the business you're generating.

Read the full article to 'Identify Your Stage' and learn more!

Read the full article
whatsyourstoryWhat's Your Story?
What's your story?  What stage of business are you in? What unique challenges are you facing as you try to move to the next stage of the Small Business Cycle? 

Send me an email and tell us about. We are collecting your questions to forward to a panel of experts to have answered for you!
Computer Forensic Analysis Workshop
Education Workshop March 16-20, 2009

This workshop examines and teaches the methodology for conducting a computer forensic examination.

This workshop is specifically designed for corporate and government personnel who, in the performance of their duties, may be asked to conduct a basic digital forensic examination. This workshop is essential to information security, risk management, loss prevention, corporate security and law enforcement personnel who encounter digital evidence while conducting an investigation.

* All Canadian content and Canadian law.
* 5 full days of practice and entertaining education.

           Tough Times Bring Out Computer Criminals.
Learn how to minimize risk, detect and reduce loss sooner.

Power Within Series
eXtra Contact's Power Within Offer
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Hitting the Sweet Spot!
Meet Krista at eWN
Meet Krista Green: Krista Green is a Performance Innovator.  Performance is an art - the art of delivering one's craft. Performance is also return on investment - delivery of the goods. Form - and function. Style - and value.  Krista Green delivers both. Unforgettably... and unapologetically.

Just as a golf club or racquet has an area on the clubface that will provide maximum distance and accuracy when you hit from it, we as humans also have a technically precise place where factors are combined and optimized for the greatest use of our characteristics and qualities... the place that embodies the most efficient use of who we are, and how we can best serve the world.

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See Krista live this Thursday, February 12th
eWomen Network's Accelerated Dinner
At this powerful event you'll learn:
    • How to create the optimal performance experience known as Flow State, whether on the field or in business
    • Krista will guide you through the process of finding - and learning to hit from - your unique sweet spot for maximum return for the least amount of effort

Thursday, February 12th, 2008
5:30pm to 9:00pm
Coyote Creek Golf Course, Surrey, BC 
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Gail Watson
"Gail... Thanks so much for the talk today, you are such an inspiration.  You are the type of person that you can tell your craziest dreams and all of a sudden they aren't so crazy..."   - Lisa Larter, Parlez Wireless