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'Staying Connected'
Building Strength from Adversity!                                               November 2008
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Trade Show Networking
Meet Candace Newton

Building Strength from Adversity!

eWN Accelerated Networking Luncheon
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'The Road to Self-Awareness'
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  • Do you need to be more true to yourself?
  • Need help holding on through the adversities of your life?
Then I have someone for you to meet... I had the opportunity to see Candace Newton speak at a conference last week in Vancouver. Talk about being SUPER, SASSY AND SENSATIONAL!  She is all that and more. Her straight talk will get your thinking, her real life experience will get you motivated and her humour will have you laughing all night long.

Now the associate producer and guest coordinator for two national talk shows, The Daily with Mark and Laura-Lynn and The Daily Weekend Edition, Candace uses her networking skills to benefit viewers across Canada.
Do whatever it takes to meet Candace live, this Thursday evening, November 13th at the Surrey eWomen Network Dinner.

Mark on your calendars: Thursday December 18th... Book your Business Showcase Table at the eWomen Networks Holiday Extravaganza in Surrey!  With the donation of a gift item of a minimum value $75 for the silent charity auction you will be gifted with a FREE DISPLAY TABLE.  Available to the first 10 people to call.

Helping you Stay Connected!

"Thank you again for the many opportunities to present myself tonight as well as your kind words of support for my business and who I am... all very much appreciated."
Sincerely,  Elly Bonsma RNCP
Holistic Elements Nutritional Consulting
Trade Show Networking
Next time you are at a Trade Show use these tips to feel comfortable networking. Go around to the booths and ask questions like:

    * Tell me about your company/organization.
    * What products/services does ___ offer?
    * Do you have open houses, workshops or other events?
    * Will you be hiring in the future?
    * Ask them about their roles, their interests, what they like or dislike about their work, different ways to get involved, etc.
    * But don't monopolize their time - they've paid to be there and are eager to talk to as many potential clients as possible.
    * Ask for their business card or contact info.
    * Make point form notes of important thoughts or ideas in your notebook or on the back of their card. After the event you might not remember who they were or what they were about.
     * Organizers, speakers and exhibitors are very busy during the event itself, and they speak with many different people. They may not remember your name or what you said. It's always a good idea to have a follow up strategy in place.
Building Strength from Adversity!
Meet Candace at eWN
Meet Candace Newton: Despite an early life marked by turmoil, estrangements, domestic physical and emotional abuse and divorce; Candace has devoted her life to the empowerment, education and well-being of women and their families.With over 20 years experience, Candace continues her passion of educating and helping women from all walks of life. 

Now the associate producer and guest coordinator for two national talk shows, The Daily with Mark and Laura-Lynn and The Daily Weekend Edition, Candace uses her networking skills to benefit viewers across Canada.
An adult healthcare educator, an author and single parent and grandparent, one of whom is a cancer survivor at just 4 years old, Candace knows the issues that concern women today. In her usual "can do/will do" style, Candace uses her passion and no-fear networking skills to provide resources to women; all in support of her goal to teach women to become part of the solution. Her experience and inspirational personal climb to success, gives hope and answers to women, closing the gap in education, motivation and encouragement and doing whatever is necessary to unlock the secrets.

Exclusive Opportunity to Get Connected with Candace Newton!
Don't miss this opportunity to get up close and personal!
See Candace live
eWomen Network's Accelerated Luncheon
At this powerful event you'll learn:
    • True Leadership
    • True Networking
    • True to Yourself
    • Holding on through Adversity
    • Don't believe everything you "FEAR"
Thursday, November 13th, 2008
5:30pm to 9:00pm
Coyote Creek Golf Course, Surrey, BC 
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Gail Watson
"Gail... Thanks so much for the talk today, you are such an inspiration.  You are the type of person that you can tell your craziest dreams and all of a sudden they aren't so crazy..."   - Lisa Larter, Parlez Wireless