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September 2008
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How to Scroll Text
Marketing Tip: Trade Show Networking
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September is here... everyone is back from holidays and the kids are in school. It's the 2008 homestretch. Take a look at your goals for the year... this is the time to complete them!
Keep in mind more business gets done in the next four months than the first eight.
Each month we share with you powerful Email Marketing Tips to help you GROW your business! This month we learn 'How to scroll text' in your newsletter.

Read this months tip to learn how to scroll text...

Networking/Marketing Tips,
provided by Gail Watson, of eWomen Network focuses in on Trade show Networking.  
As a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade, I would like to invite you to a 'Member's Only' reception. Please contact me if you are interested.
"What do you need to sell more?..." Please contact us today for your complimentary 'Sales Action Work Sheet'... to help you sell more!
 Looking forward to hearing from you, Dave
How to Scroll Text

Want to grab your subscribers' attention right away with your latest promotion or announcement? A neat way to do this is by adding a scrolling marquee to your email.

It's important to mention that some email clients do not allow this tag to work when the email is viewed. Currently, the marquee works in Hotmail and Yahoo, but both Gmail and AOL will not display the marquee properly.

So, with that being said let's give it a shot.

Click on Edit for the block you want to work with. On the left hand column, click Code View. By clicking on Code View, you will be accessing the HTML code for that particular block. Before you make any HTML changes, it's always a good idea to copy the code for the block and paste it into Word or Notepad for safe keeping.

In the code, type:

<marquee loop="-1">Text you want to scroll</marquee>

Next, click on Update > Close. Save your changes and click Preview. You should be able to see the scrolling text you just created in Code View.

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The value inside of the tag that says loop="-1" will make the text loop infinitely. To make the text loop a limited amount of times, simply change "-1" to the amount of times you want the text to loop.

Don't be afraid to experiment with your emails by sending out tests to yourself.

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Marketing Tip: Trade Show Networking
Gail Watson, Regional Director, eWomen Network
Visit eWomen Network websiteNext time you are at a Trade Show use these tips to feel comfortable networking. Go around to the booths and ask questions like:

    * Tell me about your company/organization.
    * What products/services does ___ offer?
    * Do you have open houses, workshops or other events?
    * Will you be hiring in the future?
    * Ask them about their roles, their interests, what they like or dislike about their work, different ways to get involved, etc.
    * But don't monopolize their time - they've paid to be there and are eager to talk to as many potential clients as possible.
    * Ask for their business card or contact info.
    * Make point form notes of important thoughts or ideas in your notebook or on the back of their card. After the event you might not remember who they were or what they were about.
     * Organizers, speakers and exhibitors are very busy during the event itself, and they speak with many different people. They may not remember your name or what you said. It's always a good idea to have a follow up strategy in place.
Success Stories
"eXtra Contact has been invaluable in the introduction and instruction in the use of Constant Contact's system for maintaining contact with our hundreds of new and existing clientèle. In each of our email campaigns we were able to see results immediately...  if you want to maintain contact with hundreds of people, this is it. Period."
... David O'Brien, W.I.T. Marketing Communications
International Mining Research CENTRE ..."Hold Gold"
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