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10 Secrets to Attract More Clients... FAST!                          August 2008
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10 Secrets to Attract More Clients... FAST!
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Be Smart, Be Rich, Be Fabulous!

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It's always easier to attract the things we want in life than to chase them down and catch them. One of the things many professionals and small business owners want is "more clients".

Read this month feature article on 'Attracting More Clients'. You may be surprised at No. 1.

I'm happy to connect you with The Smart Cookies, once featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show... They now have their own television show! They assist women in achieving their financial dreams and goals without drudgery or deprivation.
You can meet them all August 14th at the Surrey
eWomen Network Dinner.
Helping you Stay Connected! 
10 Secrets to Attract More Clients... FAST!
While there are lots of strategies for getting clients, from advertising to workshops, one of the best (and fastest) is to be passionate about your business and provide the quality service that draws clients to you like flies to honey!
1. Become incredibly selfish: Yes, it's ironic, but as you take care of yourself, manage your time, your space and your life well, you have more to give and more to share. If you want more clients, take extremely good care of Client #1. 
2. Over-respond to every event: This is the opposite of over-reacting. Respond immediately to phone calls, answer questions in full, take your time and thoughtfully and creatively go the extra mile. 
3. Add value just for the joy of it: Do more, provide more, go further than you are paid for. Caution: Don't just give more stuff, give more stuff that people really want and appreciate.
4. Market your talents shamelessly: Have fun with your marketing, be proud of what you do. Laugh and joke and yell and whisper, but tell everybody! If you aren't excited, proud and energized by what you do, find another job!
Read the full article to see the other six secrets!
Be Smart, Be Rich, Be Fabulous!
Meet The Smart Cookies at eWN - click for detailsMeet the "Smart Cookies'... Angela, Andrea, Katie, Robyn & Sandra
Five dynamic successful young women who, like many of us, despite great jobs, struggled to stay on top of their finances, and didn't know how to dig out of debt. These women formed a "money group," dubbed themselves The Smart Cookies,  together developed strategies for turning their financial lives around - without surrendering their sanity or social lives. Just one year after joining forces, they dramatically improved their financial situations!
Their success has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, on MSNBC, and in newspapers across the country. They now even have their own successful TV show on the W-Network.

The Smart Cookies... featured on "The Oprah Winfrey Show",
MSNBC, and in the New York Daily News and Money Magazine.
Want to get richer? It's time to start talking about it...with your friends! The Smart Cookies will show you how they made an extra $100K in one year, and it's easier than you think. Smart Cookies is an exciting new series that makes dealing with money easy and fun (yes, we said fun!). It's hosted by five, dynamic women who turned their own messy money matters into success stories. Now they're going to show you how to do the same.
at eWomen Network's Accelerated Dinner.
At this powerful event you'll learn:
  • How to effectively reduce Debt by Andrea
  • Become a Money Magnet by Angela
  • Keeping your numbers under control by Katie
  • How to maintain a positive relationship with your money by Robyn
  • Living the sweet life for less by Sandra
Thursday, August 14th, 2008
Surrey, BC 
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