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What Role Should Social Media Play?                                           June 2008
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Social Media's primary benefit to your communication strategy is its ability to build relationships and communities between individuals who share interests AND who would not be brought together otherwise except for those interests. Read this month featured article to find out more.

I'm happy to connect you to Peggy Richardson, an expert in Social Media and how it can best support your business! You can meet Peggy this Thursday, June 12th at the Surrey eWomen Network Dinner.
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"Gail... Thanks so much for the talk today, you are such an inspiration.  You are the type of person that you can tell your craziest dreams and all of a sudden they aren't so crazy..."   - Lisa Larter, Parlez Wireless
Why Social Media Should Be a Key Ingredient in Your Marketing Mix
Let's face it, when it comes to getting and keeping profitable customers there are only four basic components that we can manage:
 Product (your offering: the unique combination of product, service and experience)
 Price (the value that your customer perceives translated into money)
 Distribution (putting your offering within arms reach of the customer)
 Promotion (communicating your offering)
That's all there is to the marketing mix.
And when we skilfully and creatively combine these ingredients in the perfect proportions, Voila! We have a tasty stew of happy customers, happy employees and enough profits to go around as well as to invest in the future.
Of course, it can't be that easy, right? Some of us go wrong by becoming entrenched in traditional marketing strategies. And the rest of us go to the other extreme and become paralyzed by the overwhelming number of tools and Internet applications that seek to bring us together, yet separate us from real face-to-face contact.     
Social media has been one of those magical and mysterious technical terms that seemingly everyone under 30 has been all a-twitter about. And those of us over 30 have been curious and more than a little suspicious about.
The challenge that traditional marketers have is in understanding how to use this new "ingredient" in their marketing mix. Is it like a "meat" or just a "spice?"
Read the full article to find out: What role the media should play and 5 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Mix with Social Media.
The Social Media Diet
Mett Peggy at eWN - click for detailsMeet 
Peggy Richardson, a self publishing expert!  With a background in technology, she made the turn from technical writing to web based e-learning in 2001. She works mainly with self-publishing authors in the area of non-fiction and lifestyle topics.  Her renaissance approach to self publishing also includes audio and video production, internet marketing and publicity events. 
Social Media Marketing is very trendy right now, and although we're bombarded by a flurry of terms and tools, the mechanics of it still seem a bit fuzzy. How do you do it, and what does it really mean for you and your business? This discussion documents a live experiment that my company conducted (and is still conducting) using SMM tools and techniques to promote a current book on our roster. What we learned was surprising, and these lessons can apply to almost any product or service.
See Peggy live at eWomen Network's Accelerated Dinner. At this powerful event you'll learn:
  • Blogging & Podcasting...what is it really and will it work for my business?
  • Know how the internet can best support your business
  • Ask the expert and get clear answers about the internet and your business
Send in your questions and we'll answer them at the event!
Thursday, June 12, 2008
Time  6:15 PM - 9:00 PM (Doors open and informal networking begins at 5:30 PM) 
Location:  Eaglequest Golf at Coyote Creek
7778 - 152nd Street, Surrey, B.C.
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Facilitator's Information:
Gail Watson, (604) 985-3739
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