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'Staying Connected'
Lead Generation Channels                                                      May 2008
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Lead Generation Channels
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'The Road to Self-Awareness'
  • Would you like the media to cover you and your business?
  • Do they know who you are?
  • Do they know where to find you? 
I'm happy to connect you to two people who don't just talk about it but know how to get FREE PUBLICITY. You can meet Kristan Ash & Arif Abdulla from Nurse Next Door at the Vancouver eWomen Network luncheon May 15th.
Helping you Stay Connected! 
"The support of the eWomen Network members and the superior leadership of Gail Watson has just blown me away.  I have been managing speakers for seven years and have never encountered such an organization as eWomen Network.  This is an organization of genuine support - a camaraderie that is so rare these days."   - Jill Lublin
Lead Generation Channels
Reaching out to customers with a compelling lead generation message is crucial, but choosing the appropriate lead generation channel to carry that message is equally important.
Which channel is right for your business?
A channel is effective if it leads directly to the hearts and minds of the target audience.
The long list of lead generation channels includes print media, broadcast/electronic media, display ads, direct-response advertising, PR vehicles, and word of mouth referrals.
So which should you employ? Many small businesses struggle with their lead generation activities because the choices are simply overwhelming, and they don't know how to strategize.    
Read the full article to "Find out the best strategy for you."
Building Your Brand, Build Your Business
Through Market Engagement
Meet Kristan Ash & Arif Abdulla...
See Kritan & Arif live at eWNKristan Ash, An expert in corporate culture and community engagement, she serves on the executive team at Nurse Next Door as Vice President Franchise Development. She understands what it takes to get people, inside and outside your company, singing your praises.
Her focus on internal engagement has taken Nurse Next Door up the Best Companies to Work for in BC list from #64 to number #6 in three years. Her external focus has made the company one of Canada's fastest growing in-home senior care providers. Kristan has developed and delivered engaging community marketing strategies proven to grow any business.
Arif Abdulla, Public Relations' specialist  leads the PR department at Nurse Next Door, a Vancouver based, national success story. His unique approach to PR is designed to help small businesses generate the local and national exposure they need to hit their particular growth goals on a shoestring budget.
His work and coaching has resulted in coverage in hundreds of media stories across North America with the most notable outlets including The National Post, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Vancouver Sun, The Province, Canadian Press, CBC, GlobalTV, CityTV, BCBusiness, Fortune Small Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, and PROFIT Magazine.

See Kristan & Arif live at eWomen Network's Accelerated Luncheon. At this powerful event you'll learn:
  • 4 simple ways to get noticed by your target market on a shoe string budget
  • Understanding who your target market really is
  • Understanding what you and your company offers that is newsworthy
  • The secrets to landing tons of media
We all want to be noticed by our future customers and the media and its easy to miss the mark.   Kristan and Arif will share examples as well as solutions for accurately reaching your target market.
Thursday, May 15, 2008
11;00 AM - 2:00 PM
Terminal City Club (
No denim allowed)
837 West Hastings Street, Vancouver. B.C. 
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Gail Watson
"Gail is a great person to work with. She listens to your concerns, gives practical and workable solutions and is not hesitant to promote you and your business. Gail only wants what is the best for you. She is very forthcoming in sharing her business and personal information and in making connections on your behalf. Gail Watson's integrity and personality is what keeps me returning to her again and again."   - Anne-Marie Dekker