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'Staying Connected'
 3 Success Super-Factors!                                                February 2008
"Double the size of your marketing contacts database
& increases sales per unique visitor by 30%... guaranteed!"
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Expert Connection: Dr. Tom Janz
eWN 'Accelerating Network Dinner'
eWN International Conference
The Gift of Self Awareness
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The best part about making great connections is sharing great connections.  
I'm pleased to introduce you to Dr. Tom Janz, Global Leading expert in Behavioural Assessment and he shares with you the 3 Success Super-Factors!
Helping you Stay Connected! 
Expert Connection: Dr. Tom Janz
'Three Success Super-Factors'
by Dr. Tom Janz
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Three Success Super-Factors You Can Develop and a Gift to get you started.
What does it take to achieve career success?
One viewpoint promotes 7 habits. Others focus on the "Big 5" dimensions of personality. Mike Lombardo and Bob Eichinger  
say 67 competencies. Too many for you?
Bob has answers. First, focus in on competencies that can be developed; Second, Mike mapped the 67 into 6 statistical factors. More recently, Bob's mantra focuses on three success Super-Factors... Read full article
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eWN 'Accelerating Network Dinner'
Leverage Your Business. Love Your Life!
Teresia LaRocque
February 21, 2008
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Eaglequest Golf at Coyote Creek
7778 - 152nd Street, Surrey, B.C. 
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eWN International Conference

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I have personally attended this event each year for the last 5 years!

Imagine, being connected to thousands of businesswomen from every US State and Canadian Province PLUS the resources and contacts you need to succeed;   Where 94% of all attendees are CEOs, Presidents or Owners of their companies!   You'll be blown away with an exciting expo experience filled with delicious gourmet treats, unique shopping, business solutions, publishing lounge, Internet cafe, pampering spa, phenomenal silent auction with designer purses and more.

Be inspired by the tremendous outpouring of generosity and support as participants come together to witness and participate in the power of giving.

Find out more and how you can attend for close to 50% off!  Offer expires Feb 29/08.

The Gift of Self Awareness

The Gift of Self Awareness

Hundreds of books and courses focus on listening skills. Learning Agility (also called adaptability) has become a hot topic for both academics and training professionals. Knowing yourself plus knowing how others see you offers so many advantages for entrepreneurs and executives.

You avoid the temptation to tackle every task, because you know what you aren't good at.
You avoid the temptation to feel superior, knowing your weaknesses and others' strengths.
You take reasonable and measured risks.
You make tough but fair tradeoffs. 

What is your level of Self Awareness? Click the link below to find out. Here's how it works: In just 6 clicks ('SixClicks'), you explore your personal style, with 6 more clicks you see how you think others see you!  With help from at least 3 of 6 people who you tap, we chart your Self, Other and True Views™, calculating your Self Awareness Index.

Link to SixClicks to find out you Self Awareness Index.

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