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January 2008
97% of people DO NOT follow up - Be the top 3% ...in this issue!
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Implementing a Follow-up System
No limits to our opportunities
Success Stories: "...sold over $1000 in product"
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Happy New Year!
It's time to start working that plan you so carefully wrote up at the end of last year. What was lacking in 2007 that you are determined to change in 2008? Are you doing something with all the business cards you collected last year to keep in touch with your database this year? You need a system for 'follow-up.'
Each month we share with you powerful Email Marketing Tips to help you GROW your business! This month is about 'Implementing a Follow-up System.'
Networking Tips, provided by Gail Watson, of eWomen Network focuses in on 'Opportunities.'  
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Implementing a Follow-up System
  • 97% of businesses do NOT follow-up with a prospect after the first month of meeting them
  • Following up with prospects is rated in the top three 'pain points' for small businesses
  • On average it takes 6-9 contacts with a prospect before they buy

Start your newsletterDo you have a structured system in place?

5 Simple Action Steps
  • Sign up with an Email Marketing Provider.
  • When you come back from your marketing event (trade shows, seminars, networking, etc), enter your contacts information right away while it is small enough to manage.
  • Create an email (newsletter, announcement, invitation, greeting, etc), upload the new contacts and hit send.
  • Analyze who opened your email and what their interests are by viewing which links they clicked on.
  • Reach out to the 'warm' leads with a phone call to find out about their needs and how you may be able to help. Stay in touch on a monthly basis to stay 'top of mind' and to be there for when they are ready to buy.
Don't have the time... too busy? Can't afford full time staff? eXtra Contact can help you get started, plan and keep you accountable.
Networking Tip: No limits to our opportunities
by Gail Watson, Regional Director, eWomen Network
Visit eWomen Network website
There are no limits to our opportunities. 
Most of us see only a small portion of what is possible.  We create opportunities by seeing the possibilities and having the persistence to act upon them. 
We must always remember Opportunities are ALWAYS HERE but we must be open to seeing them.

I believe that there are no 'chance meetings'; that everyone we meet is for a reason, and everything that happens is for a reason. 
When out networking, never judge  nor dismiss an individual based on your first impression.   Networking is about sharing connections, knowledge and compassion.  Give with abundance.
As you meet numerous, success-minded people, remember "The Fortune is in the Follow up". FOLLOW UP is the secret to nurturing and growing those budding relationships.
Success Stories
"Within 5 days of sending my very first newsletter, I sold over $1000 in product, booked two business meetings and had seven inquiries from people interested in joining my business.  The biggest surprise was the post analysis as it gave me specific results which allowed me to create an efficient, targeted strategy for follow-up!   Plus, I love the gift of being able to stay in touch with my clients in a personal and memorable way!"
Tina Overbury
Filmmaker, and Executive Regional Vice President
Arbonne International
eXtra Contact Update - Start your own Newsletter
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Email Marketing
eXtra Contact, our success is your success! We look forward to helping you grow your business by keeping you 'top of mind' with your clients & prospects to build relationships & trust through professional email marketing.
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