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'Staying Connected'
 How to Create 'Top of Mind' Awareness                         October 2007
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How to Create 'Top of Mind' Awareness
What it is. Why it's important. How to create it.
Out of sight, out of mind.
Sound familiar? In today's business world these six words are the kiss of death. It needn't ever happen to you.
Not when you understand the importance of creating and maintaining "top of mind" awareness with your customers and best prospects.

Its important to know that no matter what your line of business, your customer has changed.
'Top of mind' awareness is owning the space that your product or service occupies between your prospects ears. That way, when they're ready to buy they think of you first.

There's nothing worse than creating an appetite for what you have and then having your prospect go somewhere else to eat. It won't happen to you if you plan (and execute) properly.
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"Gail has a remarkable "gift for the gab" or a humorous glibness and a way of making things sound fun and refreshing. She does a good job of promoting each person or product she is highlighting in a way that is very appealing. I have noticed that new guests remark on this by 1/2 through if not sooner!"    - Andrea Sullivan
"As soon as I heard the philosophy behind eWomenNetwork, long before the first event, I knew that it was something I wanted and needed to be a part of..."
- Monica Hall
Featured Event: eWomen Network Dinner, Surrey
"Branding Discovery & the Importance of
Protecting the Brand you Create!
October 18th - Surrey
Nancy Fraser
DO NOT MISS Nancy Fraser! 
Nancy has over  25 years business development, sales and marketing experience within the retail, communications and real estate industries working with multi-million dollar companies and locally owned family businesses.
Problem solving, implementation and creative skills, combined with a strong action orientation to increase sales through market evaluation contributed to the achievement of positive results for her clients.
Her focus is on providing business development, marketing and advertising services to individuals and organizations in small to medium businesses primarily online. Nancy owned and operated her own specialty retail store, represented local designers at the "Pacific Designer Collection" wholesale show in New York, held real estate sales and agent's licenses and Management and Sales Executive positions in media and communications.
October 18th, eWomen Accelerated Networking Luncheon. Register Now
Branding Discovery & the Importance of Protecting the Brand you Create!
  • Do customers do business with you once or twice and never again?
  • Are you stretched between running your business, working in your business and marketing?
  • Would you like to find an easier, better way?

Branding Discovery - A Brand will make it easier for you to market your business, it will help your customers do word of mouth marketing for you, and it makes it easier for your staff to know what they are selling and what is expected of them. Establishing a brand is not about fiction, it's about fact and reality.

This is a hands on workshop designed to help you define the steps you need to take to develop your brand, enjoy the benefits of a strong brand and protect the brand you create.

Join us to learn how to grow your business faster! In this session you will learn:
    • Find out where branding begins.
    • What "big idea" defines your brand.
    • The 3 characteristics that shape a successful brand.
    • How to set up your brand systems.
    • 10 major threats to your brand.
October 18, 2007-Surrey, -"Accelerated Networking" Dinner
6:15 PM - 9:00 PM PST
Eaglequest Golf at Coyote Creek
7778 - 152nd Street, Surrey, B.C.

Full sit down dinner - vegetarian available upon request.
Prior to 10/14/2007, $50.00 CAD for non-members
and $43.00 CAD for eWN Members
Late registration, beginning 10/14/2007: $60.00 CAD
You have the opportunity to display your products and services at the event:
A limited number of display tables are available to showcase or sell your products and services. The fee is $85.00 for nonmembers and $65.00for eWN Members, nonrefundable. The display table fee is in addition to the registration fee.
eWomen Network Update: Upcoming Events
October 24th Accelerated Networking Dinner

Vancouver Events:
Thus Oct 18th  Accelerated Networking Dinner
November 14th - Members Only Workshop

November 15th Accelerated Networking Luncheon
Wed Dec 12  SAVE UP TO 50% OFF!   Early booking for your Business Showcase Table. Holiday Extravaganza! Reserve your spot by October 24th and receive your showcase table for only $45!  Must call Gail directly.
Other Events:
Fun events in Vancouver & Kelowna - FUNPASS
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Gail Watson
"In the first five months of being a member in eWomenNetwork, my company had gained over $8,000 in revenue from contacts made with other women in the network." - Brenda Hyde
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