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 Email Marketing: Striking the Right Balance                   September 2007
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Despite Increases In Email Spam, Canadian's Willingness To Subscribe To Permission Based Email Continues
Did you know that 66% of Canadians prefer communicating via email, yet we have a hard time keeping up as spam is the primary culprit.

Despite the continued and increasing influx of spam, Canadian's appetite for permission-based email continues to increase, as nearly eight-in-ten (79%) have registered with at least one website to receive e-mails. 
Canadian's willingness to provide one's e-mail address to a website continues to increase!

Although companies have had success in enticing internet users to register on their website to receive e-mails, many are also deregistering from sites as well, stating a variety of reasons including a loss of interest (43%); the inability to deal with e-mail volume or no time to read the emails (25%); and, too much junk mail or irrelevant information (22%).

Research says, "The challenge for marketers is clear; to keep Canadians interested in your email communications, you must be relevant and engaging, and find an appropriate frequency for your communication.
Striking the right balance of relevancy and frequency is critical to your email marketing success. If you don't understand the needs of your audience, the ultimate penalty is similar to the treatment of spam, and that is a lost customer at the simple click of a mouse." 
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"As soon as I heard the philosophy behind eWomenNetwork, long before the first event, I knew that it was something I wanted and needed to be a part of..." - Monica Hall
Featured Event: eWomen Network Luncheon, Vancouver
"The 5 Deadly Sins of Business Development" - September 20th
Fiona Walsh
DO NOT MISS FIONA WALSH!  Fiona has developed systems that take the guesswork out of business development and sales success!
Meet Fiona - CEO of FM Walsh & Associates Inc. As a strategic partner company within the Flett Ventures Group of Companies, FM Walsh is also one of only 3 business coaches in North America approved to provide the highly successful and popular Ghost CEO Business Coaching Program.
She works with a diverse clientele from startup entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, to help businesses drive growth and profitability. Fiona regularly speaks on a variety of business topics and does custom training for corporate clients. She writes a business column for The Office Journal and is also Chair of the Developmental Disabilities Foundation..
September 20th, eWomen Accelerated Networking Luncheon. Register Now!
Do you feel like you spend too much time doing routine stuff in your business instead of working on growing it?  Most business owners don't know where to look when it comes to business development.  They figure out how to do things as they go along, but often find themselves slipping into actions that don't support business growth and sometimes even hinder it. 
Join us to learn how to grow your business faster! 
In this session you will learn:
    • The 5 most common sins entrepreneurs and professionals commit in their business development activities
    • Easy ways to drive growth in your business that you can put into place the next day
    • Free ways to build your business
    • Why to maximize your productivity and when to delegate
    • You will leave with the confidence and tools to build strong business success for yourself.
Thursday, September 20, 2007
11:15 AM - 1:45 PM PST
Terminal City Club (please note: dress code in effect, no denim)
837 West Hastings Street, Vancouver. B.C.
Vancouver, BC
Prior to 09/16/2007, $50.00 CAD for non-members
and $43.00 CAD for eWN Members
Late registration, beginning 09/16/2007: $60.00 CAD
You have the opportunity to display your products and services at the event:
A limited number of display tables are available to showcase or sell your products and services. The fee is $85.00 for nonmembers and $65.00for eWN Members, nonrefundable. The display table fee is in addition to the registration fee.
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