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'Staying Connected'
  Pro-Active Sales Action with Your Customers - Testimonials 
August 2007 
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Featured Event: eWomen Network Vancouver Luncheon
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August a great month to do some updating with those little jobs that need to get done. 

Here is a quick and VERY IMPORTANT one to that will take you less than 5 minutes to have a whole years worth of new marketing material!
As testimonials are key  for your website and newsletter, keeping them fresh is an important process. 
Its always a compliment to be featured on another's website. Think about how you feature your clients today... is there a way to link directly to them?  How can you partner with them to leverage one another's connections?  Would you be comfortable using each of your customers as a reference?
In efforts to keep your newsletters and web fresh and exciting, send out an email to all your clients and customers requesting a testimony from them. If appropriate request a j.peg of their logo and/or picture.
Keep your testimonials quantitative. For example: 
  "As a result of working with  YOUR NAME/BUSINESS NAME, my revenue has increased by X% over last year."
 "With the help of NAME/BUSINESS NAME I have improved my (weight/web/sales/team/ your service..) results by X%"
 "My experience with NAME/BUSINESS NAME this past year has resulted in xxxxx"
Testimonials are the PROOF in your sales cycle and are very important to have. 
Send an email out to all your customers on Monday, and have your testimonials all in by Friday.  DONE!!
I welcome your participation as this newsletter is for you. 
Helping you Stay Connected! 
"As soon as I heard the philosophy behind eWomenNetwork, long before the first event, I knew that it was something I wanted and needed to be a part of..." - Monica Hall
Featured Event: eWomen Network Networking Luncheon
"The 5 Deadly Sins of Business Development" - September 20th
Fiona Walsh
DO NOT MISS FIONA WALSH!  Fiona has developed systems that take the guesswork out of business development and sales success!
Meet Fiona - CEO of FM Walsh & Associates Inc. As a strategic partner company within the Flett Ventures Group of Companies, FM Walsh is also one of only 3 business coaches in North America approved to provide the highly successful and popular Ghost CEO Business Coaching Program.
She works with a diverse clientele from startup entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, to help businesses drive growth and profitability. Fiona regularly speaks on a variety of business topics and does custom training for corporate clients. She writes a business column for The Office Journal and is also Chair of the Developmental Disabilities Foundation..
September 20th, eWomen Accelerated Networking Luncheon. Register Now!
Do you feel like you spend too much time doing routine stuff in your business instead of working on growing it?  Most business owners don't know where to look when it comes to business development.  They figure out how to do things as they go along, but often find themselves slipping into actions that don't support business growth and sometimes even hinder it. 
Join us to learn how to grow your business faster! 
In this session you will learn:
    • The 5 most common sins entrepreneurs and professionals commit in their business development activities
    • Easy ways to drive growth in your business that you can put into place the next day
    • Free ways to build your business
    • Why to maximize your productivity and when to delegate
    • You will leave with the confidence and tools to build strong business success for yourself.
Thursday, September 20, 2007
11:15 AM - 1:45 PM PST
Terminal City Club (please note: dress code in effect, no denim)
837 West Hastings Street, Vancouver. B.C.
Vancouver, BC
Prior to 09/16/2007, $50.00 CAD for non-members
and $43.00 CAD for eWN Members
Late registration, beginning 09/16/2007: $60.00 CAD
You have the opportunity to display your products and services at the event:
A limited number of display tables are available to showcase or sell your products and services. The fee is $85.00 for nonmembers and $65.00for eWN Members, nonrefundable. The display table fee is in addition to the registration fee.
eWomen Network Update
eWN1) Wednesday Aug 22nd, Vancouver  & Kelowna
ATTN: Women Business Owners -- Summer Connecting
Be my guest at a special event on Wed Aug 22nd in Downtown Vancouver or Kelowna.
  • Learn about dynamic female business owners and professionals in your area and what she has to offer 
  •  Determine ways in which we can support her and her goals
  • Learn what help or resources she needs to meet her objectives 
 First 6 to register by calling or emailing Gail 604.985.3739 will receive a complimentary guest pass (saving $75.00 !)
2) EXCLUSIVE EVENT FOR Members Only! Wednesday August 15th
Free Event and over $300 in gifts!
'Maximize your eWN exposure'
9 seats left, register now and secure your seat!     
August 15th; 6:15-8:00pm in Surrey.
Audrey Watson will be your host.
Limited to 20 members. Email Gail to confirm your spot.
Contact Gail
Gail Watson
"In the first five months of being a member in eWomenNetwork, my company had gained over $8,000 in revenue from contacts made with other women in the network." - Brenda Hyde
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