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June 2007          Connect your business and gain new customers!
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Featured Event: eWomen Network Vancouver Luncheon
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How to Connect your business and gain new customers!

Like any business its now letting the public know who you are and where YOU are, because if they don't know you or can't find you, they can't do business with you.
So with the TIME invested in your marketing you need to make sure it PROACTIVE, Productive & Profitable.
Your business builds strong relationships that need to be maintained.
Step 1 - Getting connected: Your future customers needs to see you and get to know you and learn what you have to offer them.  Identify your target market and attend events and trade shows where they will be.
Step 2 - Be Prepared ALWAYS!:  You need prep time.  KNOW what to bring: have  at least 30 Business cards. KNOW your message ahead of time what you are going to say should you be invited to speak at the microphone. 
Speak with PASSION. People usually don't remember WHAT you say, but they remember how you made them FEEL.
Step 3 - You're at the event!: Wake up , not feeling well?, having a bad day?.  SUCK IT UP.  When you walk into a public room,  put on the smile, leave your baggage at home.  POSITIVE POSITIVE.
Don't blend in... Stand out. SMILE!  & Stand with confidence. People are watching.
Step 4  The fortune is in the follow up: You NEED to stay connected and top of mind to make your time profitable. A system of follow up is essential.  If you don't follow up, your competitor will.
You do need a monthly PERSONAL communication. Email is effective and the most affordable method. 
So Networking is just that WORK it's a fun work when you're prepared. Show up Early, Plan to stay late - MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME! 
Remember: How we do anything is how we do everything.
Each month I share information with our group. I welcome your participation as this newsletter is for you. Let's STAY CONNECTED!! 

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Helping you Stay Connected! 
Featured Event: eWomen Network Networking Luncheon
"How to Avoid the 7 Critical Mistakes Most Business Owners Make"
Kerry Brown
Meet Kerry Brown - International reputation as a sought after key note speaker, and gifted facilitator, trainer and business coach.
June 14th, eWomen Accelerated Networking Luncheon.
While passion, enthusiasm and a powerful vision are essential to getting a business off the ground, most business owners reach a point where they find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed with what the key priorities are to advance their business.
What if you knew what the Seven Critical Mistakes were and you were able to put a plan in place to tackle them?    Kerry realized that while women in business have persistence, until they master these critical areas of their business they will continue to struggle. 
Kerry's presentation will inspire you and give you a new sense of power and confidence as a woman business owner. Join us and learn:
    • The often overlooked critical competencies of running a business
    • What you have to do to charge more and get it
    • Why you should systemize every aspect of your business
    • Why to maximize your productivity and when to delegate
Thursday, June 14, 2007
11:30 AM - 1:45 PM PST
Terminal City Club (please note: dress code in effect, no denim)
837 West Hastings Street, Vancouver. B.C.
Vancouver, BC
Prior to 06/11/2007, $50.00 CAD for non-members
and $43.00 CAD for eWN Members
Late registration, beginning 06/11/2007: $60.00 CAD
You have the opportunity to display your products and services at the event:
A limited number of display tables are available to showcase or sell your products and services. The fee is $85.00 for nonmembers and $65.00for eWN Members, nonrefundable. The display table fee is in addition to the registration fee.
eWomen Network Update
eWNThis  past month of MAY, British Columbia welcomed 32 brand new members and they are ready to get connected with you!  If you want to meet AND network with the STRONG, SENSATIONAL AND SAVVY Business owners of BC, I invite you to stay connected and visit the next event being held  Thursday June 14, 2007.
Presently, this first week of June, I am in  to Dallas at the 2007 eWN
International Conference & Business Expo where thousands of businesswomen from every U.S. state and Canadian province participate in this lavish four-day conference experience. I will give you a recap at the June event.

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