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May 2007
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5 Things to Improve Your Open Rates
Quick Tip: 'Planting a Seed'
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Each month we share with you powerful Email Marketing Tips to help YOU grow your business! This month is about Improving Your Open Rates.
We provide you a professional email marketing service and ensure you avoid the typical mistakes people make with online communications.
eXtra Contact, our success is your success! We look forward to helping you grow your business by keeping you in-touch with your Clients & Prospects to build relationships & trust.

Please contact us today for your complimentary 'Sales Action Work Sheet'... that will help you sell more! ...Looking forward to hear from you,.
5 Things to Improve Your Open Rates

Your open rate tells you the percentage of those on your list who opened your email campaign.

Even if your rates are consistent there is a good chance that it's not the same people opening your emails every time. As an example: You may not open every email that a business or organization sends you. You may open a newsletter from the local restaurant in May and not in June, while your neighbor opens it in June and not May.

You are both staying connected with the restaurant even though you aren't opening their emails every month. 
Here are 5 things you can do to improve your open rates:

1. Send more targeted emails - The better you know your list members and their interests and the more your emails cater to them, the higher your open rates will be. Have you thought about how you can segment your list into interest groups? It's worth the effort.
2. Improve your subject lines - A good subject line will get a campaign opened. Lead with a benefit that let's the receiver know what's in it for them. Make it interesting and try to peak the reader's curiosity. You want them to feel compelled to find out more. Avoid all caps, exclamation points, and words like 'free'.

3. Test your sending times - Try a different day or a different time of day to see if you achieve a higher open rate. We've seen accounts improve their rates from 15% - 20% by changing when they send.
4. Check your 'from' name - Is your "from" name easily recognizable? Will your list members know who they are receiving an email from? Put the name that your receivers are most familiar with in your 'from' line and add your organization's name. Emails which are unrecognizable are quickly deleted.

5. Evaluate how often you send - You might send too often or you might not send often enough. Consider asking your list how often they want to hear from you. For example, give them the option to sign up for weekly or monthly emails.
Quick Tip: 'Planting a Seed'
Planting a Seed
Every time someone opens your email, you are planting a seed, reminding them, "I'm here when you need me."
By using email marketing to connect with your customers, clients & prospects, you have the benefit of knowing who is interested in what you are saying or selling.
With tracking and reporting, you can know how many seeds you are planting and you can watch them as they grow.
When is the best time to start? The best to start was 6 months ago... the second best time is today!
Success Stories
Black Sheep Newsletter 
"We needed a way to communicate with customers on a timely, consistent and more personal basis ..."
... Andrew Kramer, Jack-Tar
eXtra Contact News

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At eXtra Contact, we work with you to develop an Action Plan to utilize your database to help meet your company goals & objectives.

You work hard to meet new contacts & prospects, don't lose touch with them. When they are ready for your business, make sure that you are 'Top of Mind'.

In addition to our 'Full Service' & 'Do-It-Yourself' programs, eXtra Contact has now introduced their 'Quick Start Introduction' Plan.

Quick Start Introduction includes:
3-Month Action Plan
Constant Contact Set Up
- Website Tags, Welcome Letters, Database Upload
- Newsletter Template
- Business Letter Template
- Sales Follow-Up Letter Template
1st Campaign & Post Analysis

Remember your most valuable asset ...your Database.

Contact us today for more details and for your complimentary 'Sales Action Work Sheet' ... that will help you sell more!
David Watson, P.Eng.
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