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Each month I share with you powerful
Email Marketing Tips to help YOU
grow your business! This month is about Defining Your Email Marketing Plan.

At eXtra Contact, our success is your success! We look forward to helping you grow your business by keeping you in-touch with your Clients & Prospects to build relationships & trust.

We provide you a professional email marketing service and ensure you avoid the typical mistakes people make with online communications.

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It is important to define a plan, a roadmap, to follow before you start your Email Marketing campaigns. You wouldn?t start on a long journey without a map & a plan in place. Similar when it comes to Email Marketing. Here are five areas to help you with your plan:
  • Define your goals: Are you trying to motivate purchases, reinforce your brand, bring visitors back to visit your site, store or office, cue the reading of an article, prompt requests for more information, increase attendance for an event, obtain donations, appointments or sign ups for a service?

  • Define your audience: Are you targeting a segment of your customer base or your entire list? What are the needs, wants, and interests of those on your list? What will motivate them to take action?

  • Define your message: Engage your recipients and deliver on their needs. Use what you know about recipients to determine how, and in what order, to describe and illustrate the benefits of your offer.

  • Define your vehicle: Now that you understand your goal and your audience, how can you best communicate? Think about what kinds of campaigns you may use. Options include newsletters, holiday or seasonal promotions or greetings, new product or service announcements, press releases or event invitations and more.

  • Define your delivery timing: When is your audience most likely to open and read your message? We have found that morning or mid-day delivery is better than evenings. Often mid-week achieves better results than the beginning or the end of the week. Audiences do vary, so do some testing to determine the delivery timing that is right for you.

Look at your recent 'From' and 'Subject' Lines and ask yourself:

1. Does your 'From' line include your company name or brand?

2. Is your 'Subject' line the right length? (5-8 words, 40 characters including spaces)

3. Does your 'Subject' line incorporate a specific benefit?

4. Does your 'Subject' line include your brand (if for some reason your "From" line does not)?

5. Does your 'Subject' line create a sense of urgency?

You should answer 'yes' to all before you hit the 'Send' button.

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"With eXtra Contact I now have the system and support to reach my clients on a regular basis. I'm learning a whole new way of offering my goods & services and keeping on top of customer relations"!

... Caroline Wong, Nutritional Cleanse Support Coach

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At eXtra Contact, we work with you to develop a 2007 Action Plan to utilize your database to meet your company goals & objectives. Start today and see 2007 be a breakout year!

Through professional email marketing (Newsletters, Invitations, Announcements, Press Releases, etc) we help you stay in touch with your existing clients to build stronger relationships & gain trust in you, resulting in repeat business. Allowing you to educate them on your full scope of products/services and encourage more qualified referrals to friends or colleagues that would also benefit from doing business with your company.

You work hard to meet new contacts & prospects, don't lose touch with them. When they are ready for your business, make sure that you are 'Top of Mind'.

Let eXtra Contact work with you to develop an Action Plan for 2007 and implement it as well!

Remember your most valuable asset ...your Database.

Contact us today for your complimentary 'Sales Action Work Sheet' ... that will help you sell more!


Dave Watson
eXtra Contact

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