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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter August 2012
In this issue...
-- New Chickies
-- Chicken Supply
-- Ground Beef
-- Sholey
-- Tri Tip Steaks
-- August Special
-- In Closing ...

New Chickies
Hen & Chicks We are settling into the ranch in Arboles. Dusty has moved out of the ranch house, and once I have it cleaned up Allan and I will be moving in. In the meantime we are living in our RV. This might explain why, if you have talked with me on the phone lately, I seem a bit out of touch. Never a dull moment!

We discovered these adorable chicks following their mother around the driveway one morning. What a nice surprise. We suspected that some of the chickens mights be laying a clutch of eggs and nesting on them somewhere, but were not sure. We are hoping that perhaps a few more hens will produce chicks as well. We lost quite a few chickens to predators, dogs, etc. lately, which is very disheartening. Getting some replacements from our hens is a rewarding alternative to ordering chicks from a hatchery. Our egg sales are exceeding our supply, so we will need to ramp up our production somehow. I find caring for the chickens and collecting eggs to be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Protecting them is another issue, but one we are addressing as each challenge presents itself.

Chicken Supply
Speaking of chickens, our chicken supplier has curtailed his production and has been unable to supply us with chickens lately. It has been very frustrating for us, as the demand steadily increases while his production steadily decreases. I know it makes no sense whatsoever, but it is a tough business and that is why there are so few people raising free range chickens. Watch the website for availability. I would imagine when things get better we will only have whole chickens to sell, though.

Ground Beef
While we are addressing problems, let's address one more. We had a single batch of ground beef that contained an inordinate amount of gristle and hard fat. We addressed the problem with our processor, but oftentimes when he has new help come on board we experience a few problems for awhile, which are always corrected but give us some hurdles to jump in the meantime.

If you received any of this ground beef, please let us know and we will try to compensate you somehow. We really do try to produce the best product possible, but sometimes things are beyond our control. However, we stand behind our product and want to make you happy, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems with your meat.

Sholey Just thought you might like an updated picture of Sholey, our Anatolian Shepherd. She is growing so fast and has gotten quite large, but she is still a puppy in every other way. She has playfully done quite of few of the chickens in, and cannot seem to understand that her job is to stay with the sheep. Sholey is coming along nicely, though, and Allan is working with her and will get her on task soon.

Tri Tip Steaks
Tri Tip Steak Last year we had a customer request Tri Tip Steaks so we asked our processor to begin packing them for us. The Tri Tip comes from the sirloin and there are only two per beef so it has taken awhile to accumulate a good supply. This often overlooked piece of meat is not only relatively inexpensive, but also very flavorful and has become a favorite amongst those in the know. Since it is quite lean it lends itself well to marinades and I found lots of good suggestions on the web. If you have a good recipe please send it to me so that I can share it with others.

I also discovered that I never put Tri Tips on the order form so I wanted to let you know that they are available and that the price is $12.99 per pound. You might want to try some on your next order.

August Special
Is your body craving an iron boost? Try some of our Beef Liver, on sale this month at $1.99 per pound, a 33% savings off the regular price of $2.99 per pound. Or just in time for the peak of the grilling season, try some of our Beef Kabobs, on sale for $6.49 per pound, $1.00 off the regular price of $7.49 per pound. If lamb is your choice, then perhaps some Lamb Shanks on the grill will satisfy. Our Lamb Shanks are on sale for $6.99 per pound, $2.00 off the regular price of $8.99 per pound. Once again, supplies are limited so place those orders early to assure that you can take advantage of this offer.

In Closing ...
We are busy from daylight to dusk these days, taking what little time off we do in the middle of the day when it is the hottest outside. We were blessed with lots of rain early on in July, but of course in the mountains we are always one day away from a drought, and could use some more. The fields are looking good, though, and the grass is fattening up the animals quite nicely. Hope the pastures on your side of the fence are looking good, too.

Lois, Allan, Lisa, & Dusty

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