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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter December 2011
In this issue...
-- Twas the Best of Times!
-- Denver Delivery
-- New Employee
-- Colorado Update
-- Oklahoma Update
-- Christmas Special
-- In Closing ...

Twas the Best of Times!
Mom Probably most of you are like us and looking back with amazement that we are about to close out another year. Hopefully you are not looking back with regrets, glad to see it come to an end. Although our year has taken twists and turns and presented us with lots of surprises, we are rejoicing over the many blessings we have received. Top of the list is having our entire family involved in our business, and having our four adorable grandchildren close by and available to us at all times.

As I write this we are in Cincinnati, Ohio, visiting my 95 year old mother. She is in amazing good health, and although her short term memory is starting to diminish, she plays a great game of Pinochle and is ready to play whenever we are able to put a foursome together. She was raised on a farm in Indiana and I love to visit with her about how they preserved foods before electricity and refrigeration were available. She did not love growing up on a farm and often wonders why Allan and I would ever want to own a farm. Funny how things go in cycles.

Denver Delivery
Lisa will be coming to Denver again on December 13th (weather permitting) and will be able to deliver meat along the way. Once again, we are offering delivery for $.75 per pound, with a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $50. We are not expecting to get back to Denver again anytime in the near future so take advantage of this last chance to get cheap delivery.

New Employee
We recently added a new member to our "family," Angela Montoya. Some of you may already have become acquainted with her via the phone, or the internet. Angela is helping with our order fulfillment, takes care of all of our local meat outlets, and while we have been gone, has been doing an exceptional job handling our internet sales and inquiries.

We are SO happy to have Angela on board. She is enthusiastic and very smart, and is always willing to take on a new challenge. Although she is small like our daughter Lisa, she announced early on that if Lisa can do it, she can do it! We love a great attitude and Angela has the best. We are blessed beyond measure to have her in our employ.

Colorado Update
Baby Chicks Although we are still processing animals, we have moved the remaining yearlings out of Pagosa and onto the ranch in Arboles. We will be taking more to the processor in December, but the rest will be wintering on some stockpiled forage on pastures that we irrigated and let rest throughout the summer. The sheep were already there and doing very well.

Chickens too. Although we have lost a few, our son Dusty is doing a great job with them and they are growing quite fast, starting to get their wings and ready to roost. We will not be able to ship eggs with the meat, but those of you living close enough to Pagosa will be able to buy eggs from us whenever you are in town. This picture is actually at least a month old. They are so much bigger than this now, but I thought you might enjoy seeing them.

Oklahoma Update
We are finally getting regular rains in Oklahoma and it looks like it is going to be a good winter with plenty of grass. Allan recently had all the new cows we purchased this summer in Colorado hauled to pasture in Oklahoma, along with the new bulls. So everything is settled in for the winter and he is looking forward to relaxing for awhile. He also secured a new OK lease that will assure us of the pasture we will need for the next few years, at least.

Allan lost his dear friend David to cancer this summer, but his son Chris has agreed to continue watching over our cattle in his dad's absence. We are very grateful for his help and Allan is confident that he will do us a great job.

Christmas Special
For the month of December we would like to "gift you" with an extra 5% off on any custom package order of $200 or more. So put together your favorite cuts of beef, lamb, and chicken for a total of $200 and we will give you 15% off. That will go a long way towards offsetting your freight, so by sure to take advantage of this one.

In Closing ...
Poinsettia Although Wolf Creek Ski Area is open for business, the heavy snows have not yet begun to blanket Pagosa. We love the beauty of the winter but are always relieved when we are able to get the animals settled before the snow begins to fall in earnest. We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and hope that your hearth is warm and your family is close. May God bless you with a holiday season filled with moments to add to your collection of beloved Christmas times.

Lois, Allan, Lisa, Dusty, & Angela

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