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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter October 2011
In this issue...
-- We Sold Our House!
-- Coming to Albuquerque
-- Delivery to Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver
-- October Special
-- In Closing ...

We Sold Our House!
As many of you know, we lease all of our pasture land and do not own a ranch. It has been our dream to own one but up to this point it has been a bit out of our reach. In the meantime we have had our eye on one particular ranch and have been praying about purchasing it for a number of years. We made an offer on it earlier this year but the ranch is tied up in an estate and has required a great deal of patience to deal with the lawyers, real estate agent, and 13 family members inheriting the proceeds.

We are still waiting but felt in the meantime that we should sell our home in preparation for getting a loan on the ranch. Miraculously our home sold without a realtor to folks who were renting the house across the street while they were looking for a home in Pagosa Springs. It suited them perfectly, we struck a deal, and the rest is history. We thank God every day, because we are FULLY aware of how the real estate market is throughout the country. We also take it as a sign that things will open up for us to purchase the ranch of our dreams. Perhaps one day soon we will be sending you a picture of "our ranch."

Coming to Albuquerque
We will be coming to Albuquerque on November 6th or 7th and will be making deliveries along the way. The delivery charge we are offering should inspire you to get those orders in!

The cost to deliver will be $.75 per pound, with a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $50. That's right, a maximum of $50!!! So if you have been thinking about ordering a meat package, quarter, half, or whole, now is the time. Get those orders in and take advantage of this one time offer.

Delivery to Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver
Sometime around the middle of November we will be making another run to Denver and can deliver to folks along the way. We can go up 285 through Bailey and Connifer and/or I-25 through Pueblo and Colorado Springs, so if you are anywhere along that route get those orders in and we will deliver them.

Jealous of the offer to Albuquerque? Well, we will match that offer to Denver. The cost to deliver will be $.75 per pound, with a minimum of $25 and a maximum of $50. This is a great opportunity to buy a quarter, half, or whole. Be sure to take advantage of this discounted delivery price because we just can't offer this very often.

October Special
Pot Roast Folks really liked the FREE FREIGHT special in September so we are going to offer another one this month. We will call this our GETTING THE FREEZER STOCKED FOR WINTER SPECIAL. If you live within a 3 Day UPS Ground Zone we will ship this to you with no additional freight cost. And again, if you live "outside the zone" we will give you a quote for just the extra cost to ship to you UPS 2nd Day Air.

In the GETTING THE FREEZER STOCKED FOR WINTER SPECIAL you will receive a Rump Roast, Eye of the Round Roast, Chuck Roasts, Sirloin Tip Roast, Stew Meat, Kabob Meat, Top Round Steak, Bottom Round Steak, and 15 pounds of our delicious Ground Beef. A total of 40 pounds of meat, all for $295.00, delivered. Now that's a good deal! Give us a call and get ready for winter!

In Closing ...
Hope you will understand if the newsletter seems a little shorter and more to the point this month. So much on my plate with all that is going on. Not too much to take care of you, our most valuable customers, though. Thank you again for all of your support. We appreciate each and every one of you.

Lois, Allan, Lisa & Family

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