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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter April 2011
In this issue...
-- Is It Winter or Spring?
-- New Restaurant
-- More on Magnesium Deficiency
-- Gone to . . . Oklahoma!
-- Easter Special
-- In Closing ...

Is It Winter or Spring?
It cannot decide whether it wants to be winter or spring here in Pagosa Springs. One day it is warm and the sun is shining brightly, and the next day we get 4 inches of snow. This has been our pattern, but we are not complaining as many areas around us are really suffering with drought conditions.

We are all looking forward to the warmer, longer days when things are bustling. Not to say that we have not been busy this winter, but we enjoy the summer weather so much here - no humidity, and day after day of temperatures in the 80's. Occasionally we hit the 90's, and sometimes even in the 70's, but days are usually comfortably warm and nights are crisp and cool. Pagosa Springs is a great place to live!

New Restaurant
Farm Indian Center We are excited to announce that we have added another restaurant to our lineup - the Farmington Indian Center. Sadly the center was started many years ago to accommodate the native Americans when they came into town, because many of the local establishments would not allow them to use their bathroom facilities or eat in their restaurants.

Although things have greatly improved over the years, the center still exists today and gives folks a great place to eat breakfast or lunch and congregate with friends. Each day a different lamb stew is created, made with GrassRoots Lamb, and served with fresh Indian fry bread, fruit, and a drink. If you are ever in Farmington we highly recommend this restaurant for authentic, delicious native American food. Yummmmm.

More on Magnesium Deficiency
My sister emailed the other day to say that she had been diagnosed with Laryngospasm, a condition where the throat closes up, making it very hard to breathe. I did some checking online and found that this can be caused by magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is an extremely important and valuable mineral. In the USA, magnesium supplementation is dramatically under-utilized by conventional physicians and is more important in patient therapy than most physicians realize. There are over 200 published clinical studies documenting the need for magnesium. Do yourself a favor and do web search on "Magnesium Defiency Symptoms." You can start by clicking on the following link:

A Good Website for Information About Magnesium Defiency

Gone to . . . Oklahoma!
We will be gone from April 1st through April 10th to Oklahoma, taking the entire family. Orders already placed will ship out on the 4th, but all new orders will not ship until April 11th. Our business phone will be transferred to the cell phone so you can still call your orders in, and we will be checking emails every day. Thanks for your patience.

We will be mixing business and fun on this trip. Allan will be hunting turkeys with our daughter Lisa, her husband Garrett, and two of their three kids, and I will be watching the third one. It will be our grandchildren's first time to hunt turkeys and they are very excited. And when the hunt is over we will be bringing back a load of animals to put on pasture here in Pagosa Springs. The grasses are greening up nicely and it looks like we will be putting some good gains on the yearlings this summer.

Easter Special
Sheep in Pasture Easter is late this year, but if you get your order in early your Easter dinner won't be. This month we are running the Lamb Loin and Rib Chops on sale for $14.49 per pound, regularly $16.99, and the Sirloin Chops are on sale for $11.99 per pound, regularly $13.99.

Food prices continue to rise, and lamb prices are no exception, so take advantage of these great prices. As we always need to tell you, supplies are limited so be sure to get your orders in early to take advantage of these savings!

In Closing ...
Thanks to all of you for spreading the word about GrassRoots Meats. Business is still WAY up and we are scrambling to fill all of your orders. With the economy looking so bleak we are blessed and grateful for each and every order we receive. Thank you all so much and may God bless you.

Lois, Allan, Lisa & Family

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